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   Chapter 336 Marry Linda in 10 Days

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"No, I didn't! I swear!"

Amy thought that how Sarah reacted was strange. If she hadn't fallen into the sewer, then why was she so defensive about it?

Amy looked at Sarah suspiciously and then asked again, "Then, why do you smell?"

"I ran into a garbage truck when I was driving home. Some of the trash fell on me." Sarah cooked up an excuse.

Amy didn't buy it, but she decided to let it go and not ask anymore.

"By the way, what did Haley say when you gave her the invitation?"

Sarah shook her head and said, "I wasn't able to meet with her."

"Why? Didn't you just come back from the Nalan's villa? How come you didn't meet her?"

Sarah opened her mouth, but she felt embarrassed to explain what exactly happened, so she lied again, "Haley wasn't home. She will be back tomorrow, so I gave the invitation to a servant and told her to give it to Haley. Anyway, when she touches the invitation, the poisonous powder will surely permeate her skin. Relax."

After hearing what Sarah had said, Amy didn't say anything, but she felt a bit worried.

The invitation might not reach Haley's hands.

Chances were she might ask a servant to read it to her. If that was the case, then giving Haley the invitation would have been useless.

But since Sarah had already sent the invitation, Amy had to pretend to express her gratitude.

"Sarah, thank you so much for helping me. I appreciate having you by my side."

"Don't say that. We are close friends. I'm sorry to see you get hurt. I will surely take a revenge for you." It broke Sarah's heart to see Amy lying on bed with bandage covering her legs.

Although Amy was much better now, she still had to limp. She was rather different from whom she used to be, a

e on each of them that day.

They were stock transfer certificates of the four subsidiaries of the Qi group.

The whole Qi group was composed of eight companies. Linda possessed half of them now.

Charles took the documents and read them carefully. The more he read, the more surprised he was.

"Darling, where did you get them? They even have Amy's signatures on them! Are they real?"

Linda couldn't help but roll her eyes at Charles. "Of course, they are real! Amy signed her name on all of them. You idiot, don't you trust me?"

"I do, my dear! Now that you have these, ten days are enough for me to acquire the Qi group..."

Charles was wild with joy inside. Now, he could fulfill the task put forward by Richard in ten days, Which means he could marry his beloved girl in ten days!

After having lunch with Linda, Charles hurried back to his company. He was very busy these days. After the meetings, he would head straight for the airport.

In the afternoon, Linda was reading a comic book on a lounge chair in the garden. The warm sunlight made her sleepy, so she covered her face with the book, enjoying the peace in the garden.

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