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   Chapter 335 Did You Fall into a Sewer

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"Where is Sarah now?"

Video surveillance showed that she ran out of the room embarrassedly and quickly. They wondered where she was going.

"Where else can she go? She must have driven herself to the nearest public toilet. I have a feeling that her car is filled with such a disgusting smell by now," Anna said with a self-satisfied smile. She was confident about the medicine she made.


The whole garden reverberated with laughter.

They had to admit that playing tricks on Sarah made them feel great.

The stupid bitch deserved it!

She didn't notice that Amy was using her. She was even stupid enough to take revenge for her. Little did she know that once everyone knew that she had tried to poison Linda, she would be screwed, while Amy could get away with it.

And because of how much of a fool she was, Sarah might even be happy to serve as Amy's scapegoat.

She was definitely a prime example of a moron.

Actually, Linda felt a little sorry for her. Sarah was born in a police family, so it was understandable for her to be a little arrogant. But she was not a bad person. She only acted like that because Amy misguided her.

But at the same time, Linda still hated her for all the bad things she had done.

Even though she had merely acted due to Amy's instigation, she still deserved to be punished.

"My Lady, I had another trick up my sleeve." Anna smirked. She had to say that Linda had taught her a lot.

"What do you mean?"

"I've taken care of the public

t half an hour under the shower. She felt a little better after.

Amy was waiting in her room, wondering why Sarah rushed to the bathroom the moment she returned.

What was taking her so long?

Finally, she came out of the bathroom. Then, Amy realized she had taken a shower.

"Sarah, why did you take a shower? By the way, did you give Haley the invitation?" Amy asked.

"Don't remind me. My stomach felt weird in the Nalan's villa. I guess I must have eaten something bad yesterday, so I have loose bowels today."

"Did you give her the invitation?" Amy didn't care about her stomach at all.

She just wanted to know whether Sarah had given Haley the invitation, the one with the powder.

When Sarah approached her, Amy smelled a disgusting odor.

"Ew! You smell!"

"No, I don't!" Sarah was playing dumb. She would never tell Amy that she shitted her pants. It was so embarrassing.

"You're lying. You do smell. Did you fall into a sewer? Now I see why you hurried to take a shower!"

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