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   Chapter 334 Something Wrong with the Invitation

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The guard recognized Sarah the moment he saw her. He felt confused and thought, 'She told me that she was Lady Haley's friend, but why is she coming here?'

"Hello. I have something urgent right now. Could you please tell me where the bathroom is?"

The guard smelled a strange smell from her.

Sarah looked very embarrassed. She couldn't help but defecate again.

"Miss Shen did you... crap in your pants?"

"No, no, no."

Sarah didn't dare admit the embarrassing thing that she did.

"Okay... You can go this way to get to the nearest public toilet. It is about a mile away from here."

The guard stood at the gate and pointed down the road.

"No. I just want to ask if there is any bathroom inside this mansion? I'm feeling uncomfortable now. Could you tell me how to get to the nearest one?"

Already flustered, Sarah became a little anxious. She drove here, and if she had to drive a mile to get to a public toilet, that would be a problem for her.

She didn't want to make a mess in her beloved car.

"The nearest bathroom is inside the house. You have to ask a servant to take you there. I'm just a security guard and I don't know where it is. We usually go to the one a mile away from here, " The guard uttered these words in all seriousness.

Just now, Anna came here and told the guard to tell Sarah this, so the guard did as he was told. Otherwise, if he took Sarah as a normal guest, he would tell her to go to the nearest bathroom not far away.

Sarah gritted her teeth and sullenly said, "Okay. Could you please send me there?" She didn't want to drive by herself under the circumstances.

She then farted again. It smelled so bad. Sarah squatted, and her stomach was still painful. And she continued to defecate.

Sarah looked even more embarrassed t


She wore her gloves, opened the invitation, and showed it to Linda. Linda snickered when she saw what was inside of it.

The invitation was about Sarah and Brian's wedding.

It read: "Distinguished Lady Haley, I hereby sincerely invite you to attend Lady Sarah and Master Brian's wedding ceremony on May 1st. The wedding venue..."

Bun's eyes turned red as soon as she saw the invitation.

They would get married in less than a month. Bun had lost contact with Brian these days, so she felt worried.

She had no idea what to do. She was feeling lost.

Linda knew that Bun felt nervous and lost, so she comforted Bun, "Don't worry. If they get married on May 1st, I will eat this pillar."

Linda pointed at the big pillar nearby.

Bun was amused by her words.

"Follow my instructions. I have a plan to ensure that Brian will marry you, not Sarah, "

Linda said these words with great confidence.

Bun was moved by Linda's words. She also felt reassured.

"Where is Sarah now?"

"I don't think she could go far. She is driving to the nearby public toilet. I guess that she had already made a mess in her car." Anna smiled. She was proud of the drug she concocted.

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