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   Chapter 333 The Darkest Day in Life

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The servant was surprised at Sarah's words. The garden belonged to Lady Haley, and her original name was Linda. Why did this woman say that Lady Linda was dead?

The servant knew to stay away from such things. She kept quiet and simply guided Sarah to the anteroom.

"Would you please wait here, Miss Shen? Lady Haley will come over soon."

"Okay. Thank you."

Since she wasn't at home, Sarah packed up her temper and pretended to be polite.

After bowing her head, the servant left. Anna suddenly pulled the servant to a corner nearby as she went outside the door of the living room.

The servant was taken by surprise. When she recognized Anna, she heaved a sigh of relief, "Anna, you scared me! What's the matter?"

"You make her a cup of tea and add this to it." Anna handed a little bottle over to the servant.

"What's this?"

"This woman hurt Lady Linda several times. Don't ask about it any more! Just listen to me. I'll be responsible for it!" Anna waved her hands. She didn't want to say anything more.


Hearing that the woman had hurt Lady Linda, the servant hurried to make tea.

The tea she chose was not the good kind. The tea used to entertain valued guests shouldn't be served to a woman who dared hurt Lady Linda. The tea leaves she used were cheap. Even the servants could afford them.

"Miss Shen, this is the superior West Lake Longjing Tea. Lady Haley especially asked me to make it for you."

Of course, she had made up the name "West Lake Longjing Tea".

The servant handed the tea over to Sarah and left.

Sarah was feeling thirsty, so she drank the whole cup.

Looking around the decor of Linda's Garden, Sarah discovered that she was unable to compete with the Nalans. Even though she was born in a police family and their clan was highly-regarded in

ing odor, which made her shrudder in disgust.

They continued to watch the screen. Sarah found another chair and sat down with her hands gripping her stomach. After a while, she stood up from the chair and went outside to find people.

People in the anteroom had been told to leave by Anna. Nobody would be there.

Sarah's stomach pain was growing intense. She almost couldn't hold it in. She also wanted to break wind at this moment.

Finally, she farted. Sarah suddenly had a bad feeling...

A nasty smell hung in the air. Sarah was completely lost.

"Oh my god."

Sarah touched her trouser. It felt moist and warm...

She just shit in her trousers...

Sarah thought that today was the most embarrassing day in her life. Nothing this disgraceful had ever happened to her in her whole life.

But today changed that. To top it off, she did it in the Nalan's villa.

The only thing Sarah wanted to do was to leave. It was so disgraceful.

Suddenly, she remembered her intention for coming over. It was to give the invitation card to Haley. She took out the card from her bag with trembling hands. With the bag under her arm, she ran outside the villa and finally found a security guard.

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