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   Chapter 332 She Is Everywhere

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Today's breakfast was a pleasant surprise.

It was shrimp and seaweed wonton. Linda remembered that Donna often prepared delicious dishes for her and Cindy, even though they lived in poverty.

Wonton was one of them, and the wonton she made was scrumptious.

The wonton reminded her of those hard but happy days with her caring mother. She wanted to bring Donna here when she recovered and have a taste of the wonton she made.

"My Lady, please help yourself. Anna says that the shrimp and the seaweed are rich in potassium and iodine. They are good for the development of the endocrine system, thyroxine synthesis, and intellectual development. The baby will grow up well in your womb."

Bun was happy to see Linda wolf down the wonton. Many pregnant women lost their appetites during pregnancy, but Linda wasn't one of them, which gave Bun a big relief.

Linda repeatedly praised the wonton every moment after she gobbled one up. Bun, listening to her praise, smiled.

"My Lady, please don't hurry. Take your time and eat slowly."

"Did Young Master tell you when he will come back?"

That's Linda's top concern. She found herself more and more dependent on him after returning to him.

Charles had just left for two hours, but she was already missing him.

"Yes. He said he would come back this afternoon when he finishes his work in the company."

Linda breathed a sigh of relief.

When she was still eating, a servant came in. "My Lady, a Miss Shen is at the gate, claiming to be your friend. Her full name is Sarah Shen. Shall we let her in?"

"Sarah Shen?"

Bun went blank for a while and then asked Linda,"My Lady, when did you two become friends?"

Linda slyly smiled and said,"What friends? You know that she had don

room to fetch the medicine and gave it to a servant. The medicine's effect was strong and quick, so she carefully reminded the servant of the amount. They didn't want Sarah to die from dehydration caused by diarrhea before she arrived at the hospital.

Linda didn't want that to happen, so Anna complied.

She wanted Sarah to watch Bun marry Brian, give birth to his baby, and live happily ever after.

That's the most severe punishment for her!

It's easy to kill someone. But it's not the best way to take revenge. Only torture and suffering would satisfy her hate.

Linda swore that she would make those who had hurt her see how happy she would become!

Sarah hadn't entered the Nalan's villa before. She was stunned at the grandeur and scenery of the place

the moment she entered it.

"Miss Shen, Lady Haley is in the middle of a spa. Please wait for her in this anteroom. She will meet you in half an hour."

A servant led her into the anteroom of Linda's Garden.

Sarah curled her lips when she saw the name of this building. "God... She is everywhere. Look at the name... Linda's Garden... Even though she is dead, she still can't let me go."

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