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   Chapter 331 To Remove the Qi Group Within One month

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Charles looked serious.

"The wedding is finally happening?"

Linda's heart was beating fast now. She was having mixed emotions of anxiety and joy. She had dreamed about marrying Charles for so long, but she didn't want to be the one to propose to him. Now that he was telling her this, she was obviously flattered.

Getting married meant a lot to her. It was one of the most important things in a woman's life.

Linda had always believed that she would marry someone she loved and live with him for a lifetime.

"Are Lady Linda and Young Master getting married next month? That would be perfect. By then, you will only be five months pregnant, and your belly wouldn't show too much. We could easily hide it with the wedding dress, " Bun said with great confidence.

Linda was now four months pregnant. She was wondering why Charles decided to hold the wedding ceremony next month. Charles was an impulsive man. She thought he would marry her as soon as possible. It came as a surprise that he wished to have the wedding one month later.

"Did my grandfather say anything to you? What does he want out of you? What exactly is the third thing he wants you to do?"

Charles shook his head. Now that Linda was pregnant, she shouldn't be exposed to anything bloody or horrific. He had to keep this a secret from her.

Charles decided that he would take over and deal with the matter himself. Linda only needed to concentrate on delivering the child safely.


Charles curled up his lips and slowly shook his head.

"Stop lying to me. Just tell me what my grandfather told you to do. We are a couple. There shouldn't be any secrets between us. You are supposed to tell me the truth."

Linda glared at him. Eventually, he gave in and said, "Grandfather wants me to destroy the Qi Group within one month."

Linda was shocked. She knew how difficult it was to get rid of the Qi Group within such short period of time.

She knew that Charles was smart and capable of doing great things, but the Qis

My Lady, are you up already?"

Linda quickly replied, "Yes, I am up."

Bun came in with clean clothes. Linda felt at ease. Bun had looked after her in every aspect of her daily life since she moved in with Charles. She was used to being taken care of by her. She thought she would never see her again. But luckily, Bun returned to her side.

Her heart filled with joy as Bun slowly stepped closer to her.

It was the same soothing feeling she had always appreciated. Bun fondly took Linda's hand and started to massage her gently. She could tell that Linda was tired and that she could use a good massage to relax.

"I have heated up your breakfast. Would you like to have some? Lunch will be served at 12, " Bun said with a warm smile.

"Sure. I will have both breakfast and lunch then. I have quite a big appetite now."

Linda noticed that since her pregnancy, her appetite had grown bigger. She always ate a lot during her meals as if she hadn't eaten for days. She wondered whether the child inside her had a big appetite, too.

She looked down at her belly. A big smile spread across her beautiful face. She didn't know the gender of the baby yet, but she was grateful to have it, whichever gender it turned out to be. She would cherish the child whether it was a boy or a girl. After all, it was her own, her child with Charles.

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