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   Chapter 330 The Grandest Wedding

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When she was still in school, Linda had pried into a lot of her school's secrets, including the unjust payment of wages and the malicious treatment of teachers toward students.

These might be one of the reasons how she gained enemies.

"You should have let Anna examine you at that time. If Young Master knew that you were pregnant, he wouldn't have let you join the winter camp. Then, the terrible things that happened afterward could have been avoided. It was our fault for not being able to protect you." In distress, Bun felt very guilty.

Bun believed that if Linda hadn't felt uncomfortable and passed out, she wouldn't have had to go through the awful experience, and Amy couldn't do anything to her so quickly.

Linda thought it over for a little while and shook her head. "No. I knew I was in good health. I used to run in the morning and in the evening when I was in college. I could even run 3 miles, sometimes 6. I have never felt uncomfortable after running. But that day, I fainted after having run for only several hundred meters. I think I was drugged by someone."

"Someone had drugged you? When? I was with you the whole day. No one could have had gotten the chance to drug you."

Anna shook her head and said, "Come on, Bun! If someone had wanted to drug Lady Linda, that person would have drugged her when you didn't notice. Of course, you wouldn't have known!"

Bun was silent and felt even more guilty. She thought she was not able to fulfill her duty of protecting Linda back then. But she couldn't do anything about that now. From now on, she vowed to protect Linda and not let her get hurt, no matter what.

The vibe of the room was a bit stiff and tense. The others, who hadn't gone through such an experience, sat aside and didn't dare to say anything. They just listened to Linda who was recounting everything she could remember that day. Lily Jiang admired how resilient Linda was because she could still smile after having all of those things happen to her.

"Okay, Bun. Now, let's not dwell

ng about?"

"We are talking about Sarah. I've heard that Sarah sent Bun an invitation to her wedding. She is provoking Bun. Can you believe that?"

"When did she do such a thing? I don't know anything about it."

Charles turned his head to look at Bun.

"Young Master, you have been exhausted by the issue about Lady Linda, so I didn't tell you this trifle thing." Bun lowered her head and didn't dare look Charles in the eyes.

Linda lay in Charles's arms and then looked up at him, saying, "Do you still remember what we have talked about before? We can't let Sarah get what she wants. I've already gotten back at Amy by having her break her own arm and leg. Sarah wanted to help Amy harm me. She even drugged me last week..."

Charles was shocked by Linda's words that his pupils shrank. His handsome face filled with rage. He then spoke, "It seems that the Shen clan doesn't want to live peacefully in SH city..."

"You don't have to take any action right now. We should deal with this matter carefully and thoughtfully..."

Then, Linda whispered her plan into Charles's ears.

After he heard her, Charles agreed and nodded. "By the way, we can hold our wedding at next month. I will ask my parents to start preparing for our wedding after I get back tomorrow. Honey, I'll give you the grandest wedding of your dreams, " said Charles.

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