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   Chapter 329 I Will Get Back at These People One by One

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Richard took a quick look at Charles and slowly said, "Okay then. Since you know that, I won't remind you what you should do next."

In fact, Richard knew why Charles hadn't taken revenge yet.

The main reason was that the Qi clan and the Mu clan had a good relationship with each other.

Bob was friends with James, Charles's father. It was why Charles had been tolerating Amy's behavior all this time.

Charles nodded and said, "You don't have to remind me. I know what I have to do."

"Even though your clan has been friendly with the Qi clan for generations, you have to understand that Amy has gone too far. She is so cruel and vicious. I've never seen a lady like her. She had disfigured Linda's face and thrown her into the river. Linda nearly drowned."

When Richard was telling Charles about this matter, his livid face filled with rage. He was even more furious when he thought that his granddaughter nearly died.

"I know that."

Charles sighed and placed another piece on the board. He then said, "Grandfather, you've lost."

Richard looked at the board and saw that he had indeed lost. Surprised, he didn't expect Charles to be good at playing chess.

"That's good. Now, come on. Let's play one more round. I don't think you can win this time."

Richard was good at playing chess, but he didn't expect he would lose the game. He challenged Charles again because he didn't want to admit defeat.

"Grandfather, I can play two more rounds with you. But I have to keep Linda company later. Tomorrow, I need to go back to my company to deal with some affairs."

Charles had just planned to stay with Linda for one night. Then, he will visit her whenever he had time afterward. Charles made up his mind to bring Linda back to their home soon and care for her.

"Okay, no problem. I will give you a month to deal with the Qi clan. Linda is pregnant, and her belly is growing bigger, so I hope that you

ne. In the beginning, Bun couldn't tell the difference between the both of them. But as time went by, she had observed that something was odd with the Linda she was staying with.

"I'm not so sure either. I was at the winter camp with you. I still remember that they asked me to take part in a relay race. I felt very uncomfortable after the relay race. Then, I fainted on my way to the hospital. By the time I woke up, I found myself was in an abandoned warehouse."

Linda recalled what had happened that day. She still couldn't put all the pieces together.

"That day, I was not thinking straight. Miss Tang pulled me to eat with her. I told her that I had to keep you company. She insisted and even assured me that the hospital was very safe." Bun also thought back to what happened that day.

Lily Jiang and Anna listened to their discussion. They weren't with them on that day, so they could only speculate what happened based on what Bun and Linda were saying.

Linda nodded and said, "Amber Tang may be an accomplice. We don't have to punish her now. I will get back at these people one by one."

Amber was a small fish. Someone else must have told her to do that. Amber might have wanted to get back at Linda because Linda had once investigated her family background.

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