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   Chapter 327 Richard's Tasks

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Charles looked calm and flatly asked, "Do you mean that if I play the rock-paper-scissors game with a mirror and win the game, I can complete the task?"

"Right." Richard nodded.

Linda felt anxious when she heard Charles. It sounded like an impossible task.

"Grandfather, can you change it to an easier one which Charles can actually complete?"

"How do you know that he can't do it?" Richard took a quick look at Linda, without changing his mind.

"Okay." ...

Richard seemed to have prepared the tasks in advance. Within one minute, Nelson carried a mirror into the room.

He then placed it in front of Charles.

"My Lord, I want to confirm with you again. If I play rock-paper-scissors with the mirror and win the game, it means that I have completed the task, right?"

Richard nodded and said, "Yes."

"Okay," Charles walked in front of the mirror and glanced at it from top to bottom. He then took out his phone and called someone up.

He walked away from Richard and Linda when he made the call, so they didn't know what he said on the phone. Perhaps he was asking someone for help.

After he finished talking on the phone, Charles calmly sat down and looked at Linda.

He then slowly narrowed his eyes and squinted at Linda. When Linda saw that he was relaxed, she also gradually calmed down; she thought that Charles must have had a solution in mind. She was too anxious earlier.

Perhaps her grandfather challenged Charles for a reason. Maybe, it was not his intention to put Charles on the spot. Linda composed herself and tried to guess what Charles had planned to do.

When he saw that Charles still sat on the chair and hadn't gone in front of the mirror to play rock-paper-scissors, Richard spoke, "You only have half an hour to do it. If you can't win the game within half an hour, it means that you have failed to complete the task."


About twenty minutes later, a servant came to the doorway and

rows, doubting Charles's words.

"My Lord, if you don't believe me, you can personally investigate any of the Mu's Group's companies and check whether Linda is one of the asset owners or not."

"Did your parents agree?"

"My parents like Linda very much and treat Linda as their real daughter. They were happy with what I did."

"Linda? Is he telling the truth?


Richard asked Linda twice before she began to come back to her senses. She was surprised to hear that Charles had put her name in the owners list of all of the Mu's Group's assets. Charles had never told her about this because he wanted to surprise her.

The Mu's Group played a significant role in the whole of SH City's economic development. Its commercial operations spread all over SH City.

If she really was an asset owner, she would have possessed tens of billions of property and maybe even more.

Linda was touched by what he did for her. She couldn't believe how much he loved her and how well he treated her.

Linda wouldn't be this surprised if Charles had only added her name to, or even gave her, a couple of companies or a few residential properties. But he didn't. He gave her the entire Mu's Group. Linda didn't care about money so much. She just wanted to live a quiet life with the one she loved.

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