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   Chapter 326 Play Rock-Paper-Scissors in front of the Mirror

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Linda obviously knew why Lord Nalan was this mad. He wanted to teach Charles a lesson!

Hence, she briskly trotted toward Lord Nalan and sweetly said, "Grandfather, what's wrong? Are you not happy with your granddaughter's future husband?"

"Your future husband? Where is he then? I don't see him here!"

Lord Nalan seemed to deliberately ignore Charles. The awkward atmosphere of the

Moment dumbfounded Linda.

Fortunately, there were only the three of them, and not even a servant, in the room. It seemed that even though Lord Nalan had intended to be hard on Charles, he did not want to publicly humiliate him.

That's why all the servants left after they had served all the dishes.

If that was the case, then it was a good sign. It showed that he wasn't entirely opposed to their relationship.

"Grandfather, I'm bearing his child now. Do you really want to see this child grow up without a father?"

With puppy dog eyes, Linda held and swayed her grandfather's hands. Soon after, Lord Nalan's face softened.

But he still didn't show any inclination of giving his consent at that moment.

"So what if it's his child? Is the Nalan clan incapable of feeding a child? Let me ask you something. Where was he when you needed him the most? Besides, he made you pregnant before he marries you. He's obviously an irresponsible man!"

Lord Nalan snorted and cast Charles a glance of disdain.

Actually, it was the first time Lord Nalan had the chance to observe Charles. He could sense some nobility emanated from him at first sight. He was mad simply because Linda could have died if he hadn't saved her.

What use was Charles if he wasn't there to save Linda?

Just as Linda was about to say something, Charles suddenly spoke.

Even though Lord Nalan showed him no courtesy, Charles didn't seem to be riled up. He just stared at Lord Nalan with his dark

lance, signaling her to calm down.

He had prepared himself for whatever was coming to him. He did not believe that there was anything beyond his ability, unless Lord Nalan really did not want him to marry Linda at all.

But actually Charles knew that Lord Nalan was angry with him

And wanted to make it difficult for him.

"All right then. You can finish the three things first!"


"First, I need you to play Rock-Paper-Scissors in front of the mirror. If you win, then you would have finished the first one."

Linda's mind went blank instantly. How could anyone win the game in front of his or her own image?

Unless... it was a ghost in the mirror.

Linda got goosebumps as she thought about it.

"Grandfather, are you serious? That's impossible! If you keep doing this, I will never get married and will end up alone with myself!" Linda pouted and kept shaking Lord Nalan's arm, trying to convince him out of this.

However, Lord Nalan merely cast her a glance and said, "Linda, sit down. If he can't complete these three things, I will never allow him to marry you. My granddaughter will never run out of suitors. I promise you that all the masters will flock into this house if I said I'm seeking out a man for you."

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