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   Chapter 325 Meeting Lord Nalan

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Charles was relieved as soon as he saw the size of the garden. It seemed that Lord Nalan was very much fond of Linda since he gave her such a big place to live in. Charles was also quite relieved at the fact that Linda was recovering well each day.

"I will take even better care of you than your grandfather, " Charles fondly held Linda's hand to his chest.

Linda gave him a big smile. She was greatly moved by his words.

Anna, Bun, and Paul looked at the couple from far away.

"I haven't seen Lady Linda this happy for ages. It is only when she is with Young Mister that she smiles from the bottom of her heart."

"I know you'll take good care of me. You don't have to say that?" Linda gently gazed at him.

Charles chuckled. His handsome face was full of sincerity. He gazed back into her eyes and said, "I was not just saying it. I was making a promise."

Upon hearing his words, she stood on her toes, reached her arms around his neck, and lovingly pecked him on the cheek, "I know. I know."

Anna and Paul felt happy for the couple. They both walked away to give them some privacy.

Nelson parked the car and dropped Lily off, so he could immediately report to Lord Nalan about Charles's arrival.

He found Lord Nalan in the yard playing chess with one of the servants.

Lord Nalan looked healthier each passing day since Linda had returned. She definitely brought joy to his life.

"My Lord." Nelson walked closer to him and called out.

"You are back. Come sit, and play a game with me." Richard beckoned him.

Nelson told the servant next to them, "You may leave now. I need to have a word with His Lordship."

It was a big deal that Charles was here at the Nalan's villa. Nelson hadn't asked Linda whether he should keep it a secret or not. Therefore, he needed to act with caution and ask Lord Nalan for advice first.

The servant bowed and left quickly.

"What's wrong?" Richard slowly put away his chess pieces. He knew Nelson came to him with something important, otherwise he would not have interrupted his game like that.

"My Lord, Lady Linda brought Young Master Mu here."

"What? Linda went to se

. What should we do? My grandfather would make things difficult for you during dinner."

Charles actually had the same thought as Linda. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Don't worry. You are already carrying my child inside of you. What could he possibly do to us? Stop me from marrying you?"

'What if my grandfather really forbids us from marrying each other?' thought Linda. Linda flashed him a deep smile. Her eyes sparkled with joy. Charles was intoxicated by her beauty. He fondly gazed her into her eyes as if she was the whole world to him.

Lisa never smiled like that. She never did, and she never could. That's how he knew the difference between them.

The two of them soon got ready and set out hand in hand to meet Richard Nalan.

Richard's place was not far from where Linda lived. It was a mere five-minute walk.

Things went well as they had planned. They did not draw any attention on the way.

They agreed with Richard that they should keep the matter a secret for now.

The moment Linda saw her grandfather, she called out to him with a sweet grin on her face, "Grandfather."

Lord Nalan sat behind the table with various delicious dishes in front of him. The meal was carefully prepared according to what Linda liked. The scent of home-cooked food warmed her heart in an instant.

However, Linda noticed the look on her grandfather's face. He didn't seem happy, just as she had expected...

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