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   Chapter 324 Back to the Nalan's Villa

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Charles had suspected the fake Linda in his vila was Lisa, but he didn't confirm it. He had met her and had heard her voice before. Even if her face could be changed by plastic surgery, her voice should still remain the same.

But he didn't know that technology these days was advanced enough to be able to change human voice.

Lisa changed her face and her voice to pretend to be Linda. But behind the aesthetics, they were still completely different.

"Young Master, there must be someone who ordered Lisa to do it. It doesn't make sense for her to change her face. Something must have happened to her during the time she disappeared. We need to investigate!"

Anna said anxiously.

She was a clever girl, so she was able to form this theory after putting the pieces together.

"I see. I will look into it. Meanwhile, you should take good care of Linda since she's pregnant, " Charles told Anna.

"I know. Even if you don't ask me to, I will protect her without question."

Anna smiled and nodded.

Linda was more than the Young Lady of the Mu Clan to her. She was more like a close friend. She would do everything she could to keep her company during her pregnancy so that she would be able to have a smooth and successful birth.

Then, Charles asked more about what had happened when they were gone. Anna told him about Linda's facial reconstruction. It was the reason why she didn't go back to him.

It broke Charles' heart when he imagined her suffering.

He could not help but feel guilty. If he had realized earlier that he was living with a fake, he mig

ssed because she saw through him.

"Well, My Lady, Young Master Mu, I should get going." Nelson smiled at them.

Lily, who thought that Nelson had just pulled up to say hello, was focused on her phone. She was only living here temporarily and would leave soon, so she didn't pay much attention to whomever he was talking to.

But when she heard Nelson call the man "Young Master Mu", she raised her head to look.

She knew that Linda was engaged with Young Master Mu. She had long been dreaming to see him in person. She threw her phone away at once and rushed to Linda's car. "Linda, Linda, you are back!"


Lily checked the man out. Then, she came to the conclusion that

He was as handsome as he was in TV! He had an air of indifference, intimidating her.

Lily fled back to the car after seeing him.

Charles and Linda went into the house and then got out of the car.

Linda took Charles to her garden.

"Look! This garden is called Linda's Garden. Grandfather created it for me, " Linda said, pointing at the doorplate.

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