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   Chapter 323 It was Lisa Xia

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"I think it's better to have someone else, apart from Anna, to take care of you. I'll have Bun stay with you, too. Is that okay?" Charles Mu asked.

Linda nodded her head after thinking about it for a while. Then, she said, "Fine."

Bun could protect her and her unborn baby with her martial arts skills, so it was good to have Bun with her. Anna was a doctor who knew nothing about Kung Fu. If someone tried to hurt them, despite her outstanding medical skills, she wouldn't be able to save even herself, not to mention the others.

Now that she was four months pregnant, she couldn't risk anything happening to her baby.

Besides, she wasn't afraid of being exposed anymore.

Since her face had recovered, it looked almost the same as before, even Charles couldn't tell that her face was once badly wounded.

Charles had Paul call Bun over to the hospital after getting Linda's approval.

"Bun, Young Master demands you to come to the hospital."

"Paul, is Young Master injured? What is he asking for me?"

"No, Young Master is fine. It is Lady Linda. She's back, and she needs you to look after her and her baby."

"What? Lady Linda is back?"

Bun's heart suddenly skipped a beat, causing her to drop her phone. "Bun, " Paul was startled by the thump, "What happened? Are you all right? "

"I'm fine. I will be there in 20 minutes."

Bun hung up as soon as she finished talking.

Then, she rushed to the underground garage without saying goodbye to James Mu and Violet Xing. She got on a car and drove to the hospital at the speed of 120 miles per hour. Within 15 minutes, Bun had arrived at the hospital.

Bun opened the door, came in, and saw Linda Xia sitting in front of her, having lunch. "My Lady, " she called out to her gently, with tears in her eyes.

"Oh, hello there. It's good to see you again, Bun."

"My lady, I'm sorry that I didn't take good care of you. Where have

knife cuts were all over her face, and they were excruciatingly deep. Lady Linda was already pregnant at that time. She was desperate to protect your baby. If not for Lord Nalan, she would have died along with your unborn child."

"What?" Charles shouted, his blue veins protruding on his temples. "Amy Qi would actually do such things?"

"I'm telling the truth. Lady Linda told me that Amy Qi is obsessed with you, which is the reason why she did all those things. There's no doubt about that!"

Anna was furious as she spoke.

"What about you? Why did you leave abruptly without saying a word? You only left a resignation letter saying that you went abroad."

"I didn't write that letter, " Anna grinned bitterly, "If I'm not mistaken, Lisa Xia was behind that."

Charles still couldn't grasp the whole thing. What did Lisa had to do with this? She had been gone for a long time, so maybe she was dead by now.

He stared at Anna Xu, waiting for her to continue. "If we guessed it right, the fake Linda was Lisa Xia."

There were no two people in the world who looked exactly the same, so the fake Linda Xia must have done plastic surgery. Charles knew that the fake Linda was somehow acquainted to the real Linda.

But he didn't expect it to be Lisa Xia.

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