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   Chapter 322 I Have to Go Home with You

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"His what? Which part of his body has been shot by your bullet?" asked Linda.

She was listening to him with great interest, but Charles suddenly stopped...

Umm? Linda asked him once again.

Charles held Linda's soft hand and pulled it all the way down to the baton between his thighs. Linda felt embarrassed and went red the moment she touched it. She angrily swore, "Bastard!"

"Hahaha. My dear wife..."

Charles wasn't stern or indifferent when he was alone with Linda. He just acted like an ordinary man having fun with his beloved wife.

"Did you shoot through his... that part?"

Charles touched his nose and seemed to feel sorry about it. "Yes. But I didn't mean to. At that time, I had no idea that Adam went to that dangerous area and tried to move my target. I couldn't see clearly from that distance, so I mistook him for the barrier. I wanted to let Robert win the competition, so I deliberately aimed outside of the target. But I didn't expect to have shot his brother."

"Adam was so unlucky."

Linda covered her mouth and snickered.

"After he was shot by the bullet, he fell to the ground, hitting his head against the ground. One of his eyes hit a large rock, so now he is blind in one of his eyes."

After Linda listened to him, she felt a bit sorry for Adam, but she also thought that he deserved it!

However, whoever was pitiful must have a reason to be despised.

Adam just got what he deserved, and he shouldn't have taken his injury as the reason to get back at Charles.

"Although it wasn't my fault, I still felt guilty over these years. After all, I didn't want this thing on my conscience, but it did happen because of me. So, whenever I come across the the Huo clan in business, I don't compete with them in biddings. I just want to get rid of my guilt."

Linda asked, "What about you and Robert?

Did your friendship end because of this accident?"

Charles shook his head and replied, "No. But after that, we seldom talked to each other until we stopped con

ith you now, our enemies will know that I'm still alive. I'm staying at the Nalan clan's house. My grandfather is nice to me. If you have time, you can come to visit me."

"The Nalan clan?"


Charles didn't say anything. He just felt frustrated.

He had been tracking Linda all this time, but he never expected that she was staying at the Nalan clan's house.

He knew the Nalan clan. Linda's real mother Sherry was the daughter of Richard, the lord of the Nalan clan.

Charles saw that Linda was looking healthy, so he thought that the Nalan clan members were taking good care of her. He finally nodded and agreed, even if he missed Linda so much.

"I'll go to the Nalan clan's house with you today, so I can also visit and greet your grandfather."

Charles speculated that Linda had been stealthily swapped several months ago, and she must have stayed at the Nalan clan's house during this period. He wondered what Richard thought about this matter.

Charles still had no idea what Linda had gone through. Although she looked calm and composed, he guessed that something had happened to her. Otherwise, she wouldn't have left him for so long.

"Okay." Linda nodded; she knew that Charles wanted to spend more time with her. After all, they had just met again, so she also didn't want to say goodbye to him so soon.

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