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   Chapter 320 The Baby Is Kicking

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"Why are you here, Anna?"

Charles's heart skipped a beat.

He tried to remember the last time he saw Anna. After she had handed over her letter of resignation, she left the Mu clan's private hospital. Since then, Charles had never seen nor heard from her.

Charles had once thought that there was something wrong about Anna's sudden resignation, but he didn't have time to think it through. He was too busy finding out what happened to Linda that he forgot about Anna's resignation. Still, he was surprised to see her here.

Anna was happy and thrilled to see Charles. She unconsciously dropped all the meals on the ground when she saw him. She finally came to her senses when she noticed the mess she made on the floor.

"I'm visiting someone." Anna couldn't find the words to describe her feelings at that moment. She wanted to tell Charles everything, but she didn't know where to start.

"Why are there three meals? Who are you eating with?" Charles noticed that there were three meals on the ground. If Anna was alone, she would only need one.

Anna replied honestly, "They are for me, Mrs. Xie, and... Lady Linda."

On their way to the hospital, Linda had told Anna that she was ready to see Charles Mu again, which meant that she had decided to go back to him. That was why Anna thought it was okay to tell Charles Mu that Linda was here.

She couldn't wait for the two of them to reunite.

"What? Linda... My Linda is here? Now?"

Charles Mu immediately grabbed onto Anna's shoulders.

Charles's grip was so tight that Anna could feel a slight pain.

"Yes. Lady Linda is here, and she is in Mrs. Xie's room. Young Master, don't you want to see her?" Anna said with a smile.

When Charles heard what Anna said, he let go of her at once and ran toward Donna's room without turning back.

Anna had never seen Charles act like this. When he heard that Linda was here, she noticed his eyes glistened with tears. He must have missed Linda very much.

Before Charles ran, he shouted at Paul who was near

ardly breathe, but she still tried to kiss him back. Linda had waited for this kiss for four months. She hadn't seen Charles for four whole months. Linda missed him very much.

"Linda, you heartless woman, " Charles whispered hoarsely.

After the kiss, Charles scooped her in his arms. He hugged her so tight that he wished he could never let her go again.

"Be gentle, Charles. Be careful with the baby, " reminded Linda.

Since Charles was really strong, she felt the pressure on her belly, and she could hardly breathe.

Charles let go of Linda carefully, lowered his head, and looked at Linda's belly. Her belly had a bulge. "Baby? Our baby?" Charles murmured. His heart had missed another beat.

Linda got a little angry when she heard Charles's query.

"You idiot. Of course it's our baby. Or do you think I'm carrying a pillow here for fun?"

Charles placed his hand on Linda's belly. He felt the baby kicking, greeting him.

"I felt the baby kick. Did you feel it?"

When Charles placed his hand on her belly, she felt her baby moved.

"Yes! I felt it too. I think it's saying hello!" Charles said excitedly.

Charles softly smiled at Linda. He hadn't smiled for months.

What he had been worried about didn't happen. Linda was still alive.

As long as she was alive and by his side, he couldn't ask for anything more.

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