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   Chapter 319 Familiar Person

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There was a saying that it would be difficult to change another person's nature. Linda believed that her uncle Derek Xie would never try to change his greedy personality. Even if he was given a hundred chances, he still wouldn't change a bit and would remain a scum of his family and this society.

Linda said, "If you want money, ask your daughter Lily Xie to meet me. I will give the money directly to her and send her abroad to study. On top of that, I will also pay for her living expenses, apart from the tuition and miscellaneous fees. How about that?"

Linda tried to suppress her anger and simply smiled at Derek.

"No, it's okay. I don't want to bother you. You can give the money to me, and I will hand it over to Lily. She is too young to handle money. If you give it directly to her, she will spend it on other things, so you'd better give me the money, and I will take care of it."

Derek instantly became defensive; he waved his hands hastily.

"Lily is all grown up. I believe that she is independent enough to manage money well. My mother has not yet recovered. She needs to rest. Unless it's urgent, you should not come here and bother her again."

Linda wanted to save Derek the humiliation. She also had no time to argue with him. Considering her foster mother Donna was here and hadn't recovered yet, Linda didn't want to make a scene that could dishearten Donna.

But Derek didn't want to leave yet.

Seeing Linda's expression of disgust, Derek understood what she meant. He knew that Linda was unwilling to give him any money at all. Even if Lily Xie was the one standing in front of her, Linda still wouldn't give any money. When he realized what Linda was thinking, his face changed and asked angrily, "Are you kidding me? Even if Lily is standing in front of you, I am sure you will not give the money to her. Will you?"

"Of course, I won't! What's

egnant belly, as a mother, Donna still was worried. She had to ask Linda again just to make sure.

"Mother, look at my belly. It's growing healthily. And don't worry, I am happy with Charles."

After saying those words, Linda gently grasped Donna's hand and placed it on her belly so that Donna could feel the baby move.

It seemed like the baby knew that its grandmother was there, so he kicked a bit, which made Donna happier.

Noon came, and it was time to have lunch.

Linda turned to Anna and said, "Anna, can you go buy lunches for the three of us? I want to eat with my mother."

"Yes, My Lady, " Anna smiled and nodded. Then, she closed the door and left.

Anna planned to go to the hospital cafeteria to bring some hot food for Linda and Donna. The food in the hospital was delicious and was made by a licensed nutritionist. Since Linda was pregnant, the food here was good for her.

Anna was quite familiar with the hospital because she had worked there for many years, so she reached the cafeteria quickly.

After packing the lunch, Anna walked back to Donna's ward.

But as she left the cafeteria, she bumped into

Two familiar persons.

"Young… Young Master…"

Anna panicked; her heart beat fast as she greeted Charles.

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