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   Chapter 318 How Much Do you Need

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It turned out that even though she wasn't with him, Charles still treated her mother well, as if she were his birth mother.

Such little things could tell whether a man loved a woman or not.

An old Chinese saying said, "If you love me, you must love everything and everyone around me, including my family."

Linda had thought that Charles sent Donna to the Mu clan's private hospital just because she asked him to.

But Linda didn't expect that he still visited her mother once a week, even after she disappeared.

"We'll go to the ward now, " Anna smiled at the guard.

"Okay, you can go in. But she already has a visitor inside. I guess you know him, too. He claims to be Mrs. Xie's younger brother, so I let him in, " The guard said and smiled.


Linda's eyebrows furrowed when she heard what he said.

Was he talking about Derek Xie?

How dare he come here?

It had been a while since he disappeared.

Linda was too softhearted back when he had been put to jail. Donna's pleas made her forgive him. She asked Charles to help release him from imprisonment, so he could have another shot at life.

She promised she would never let him get away if he dared to do anything evil again.

Why did he come here?

How dared he?

"Hurry! Let's go!"

Linda worried that Derek would harm Donna again, so she rushed into the ward with Anna.

Donna was so weak right now that she could not handle any sort of stress. Linda feared that Derek might provoke her.

Standing by the door of the ward, Linda heard Derek talking to her mother. His voice disgusted her.

"My dear sister, don't be so stingy. I am your brother, and I want to give Lily a brighter future with

he brother of her mother.

"Yes. What a coincidence. What do you want now? Money? How much do you need?"

Derek was surprised with Linda's words. Why was she so generous? Did she really get good money out of her break-up with Charles? Rubbing his hands together, Derek gazed at Linda and hesitated for a while. Then, he said cunningly, "How about 300 thousand? Lily is going to study abroad. I want nothing but the best for her!"

His greediness made Linda sneer inside. He acted as if he wanted to count the money in her handbag.

Did he hesitate just now because he was trying to think about how much he should ask for?

What a disgusting bastard!

Before Linda said anything, Anna couldn't help but point at him and yell furiously, "If you want money, you can earn it yourself! You are an adult! Shame on you!"

Linda held Anna's hand to calm her down. It's useless to try to reason with him. As they said, one can't teach an old dog new tricks. She and her family had tried to persuade Derek to change over the past years, but he just wouldn't listen, not even once. If he did, he wouldn't have ended up like this.

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