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   Chapter 317 Back to Charles Mu

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Hearing Linda's impatient answer, Anna shyly smiled and thought, 'I have been so nervous and worried recently

That it seemed like Linda's baby is my own baby.'

"When my baby is born, I would like you to be its sworn mother. You will have much to worry about when the time comes." Linda winked.

"Okay." After hearing Linda's words, Anna felt very happy.

"By the way, My Lady, there's news about Young Master Mu today."

"What is it about?" Linda asked Anna.

"I saw the news this morning. They say that the fiancée of Young Master Mu had an abortion and might not get pregnant again. Therefore, Young Master Mu abandoned her, and they broke up, " Anna said.

"That's ridiculous."

Linda laughed because she knew that the news was totally different from the truth.

She guessed that Charles Mu must have already known that he was with a fake.

From the very beginning, Linda suspected that her replacement might be Lisa Xia. If Linda had met the woman, she would have arrived at a conclusion by looking at her mannerisms and habits. Since she had yet to meet the woman, Linda wasn't sure.

Since Charles had already discovered that he had been with a fake all along, it was time for Linda, his real fiancée, to return to Charles's life.

"My Lady, let's get into the car. It is cold and windy out here, " Anna said.


When Linda had gotten into the car, her driver asked politely, "My Lady, should we go back home now?"

'Well, Lily Jiang is still in school, so I'll get bored at home...' Linda thought.

Suddenly, Linda remembered someone she hadn't seen for a long time. She felt guilty about it.

It was her foster mother, Donna Xie.

Linda hadn't visited Donna since the accident.

First, Linda had so many things to solve. Second, her face was wounded. Linda didn't want her foster mother to worry about her. If Donna saw her marred face, she would hav

u come back?" asked the old guard.

"Uhm, yes, I'm back, " Anna answered.

Anna didn't deny and wondered, 'I went overseas? How come I don't know about it?'

If it was not for Lord Nalan who had saved them, she wouldn't have gone overseas, but she would have gone to hell.

The explosives were so powerful that the cars were bombed to pieces.

Anna was still surprised about how powerful the enemy was because they dared to use a bomb. Even though the explosion was a big issue, news about it suddenly disappeared.

"Anna, since you're back, will you work here again?" the guard asked.

He didn't recognize Linda because Linda had worn sunglasses that covered her face.

When the old guard saw Anna, he felt happy. He treated Anna as his daughter. Anna's parents died early, so she considered the old guard as her father and took care of him.

"No, I will not. I'm here for Mrs. Xie. How is she?"

Anna left the place long time ago, so she wasn't sure about Donna's current state.

"Mrs. Xie? You mean the foster mother of Lady Linda? She has been recovering well and takes a walk in the garden every now and then. Young Master Mu takes good care of her. He comes to see her every week."

After hearing the guard's words, Linda wanted to cry.

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