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   Chapter 316 You Are Playing With Fire

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Lisa had just showered. Her hair was still damp. She was shivering with cold as she fondly gazed at him.

"Of course."

Robert opened the door wider for her so that she could step into the room.

As soon as he closed the door, Lisa quickly reached out and switched off the light. The room was dark, and the ambience was intense.

"What's wrong, Linda?"

"Bobby, I feel cold. Could you please come to the bed and hug me?" Lisa's soothing voice echoed in the darkness.

The Mu clan's main house

Charles was still upset when he left the villa. He could not focus on his work in the company, so he went to the Mu clan's main house instead.

For a couple of nights, whenever he went to bed and closed his eyes, Linda's face would appear and haunt him.

He felt useless about himself.

"Young Master, the woman disappeared."

Paul knocked on his door and brought him the shocking news.

No servant ever bothered Charles late in the evening, unless it was urgent.

"Disappeared?" Charles got out of bed and sat in the sofa. He rubbed his hair in distress and murmured to himself.

Tonight was going to be another sleepless night for him.

"Yes. She is gone. Tonight around midnight when the guards switched shifts, someone set fire to the lawn and caused a distraction. After the fire was put out, she vanished into thin air."

"She seemed to have gotten scared after having been exposed."

"Yes, Young Master. Luckily, we had tapped into her phone and tracked down her whereabouts. Last time at around 8:00 PM, she dialled a number. It belongs to Robert Huo. The GPS also shows that she is now with him in the Huo clan's villa, "

Paul calmly reported to Charles.

"Do you have a recording of her call to Robert?"

"Yes, we do. I asked the technicians to extract thei

dant knowledge in taking care of patients. Some of her advices were extremely useful for Linda. But she wasn't an OBGYN.

Therefore, Linda still had to go to the hospital every week to have herself checked. She was concerned about the development of her baby. She needed to make sure that it is growing healthily in her body.

Now that she was already four months pregnant. Her pregnant bump was getting visible.

Linda lovingly rubbed her belly. Her heart was filled with joy.

"My Lady, your baby is already four-months old. You should start taking extra care of it from now on. Stay healthy, and don't get sick. Otherwise, it could be bad for the baby." As soon as they stepped out of the hospital, Anna started to nag Linda about her wellbeing.

Linda nodded with a smile. She knew that she was frail, so for the sake of her child, she needed to pay extra attention to herself. As the weather was changing constantly, she needed to dress more warmly.

She also understood that she shouldn't take any random medicine during her pregnancy as they might damage her baby's brain.

"I know!"

Linda pouted as she nudged Anna on the waist. Anna's caring words always warmed her heart.

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