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   Chapter 315 May I Come In

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Lisa lowered her head. His words warmed her heart.

She suddenly realised that she had been wrong all this time. Why was she wasting time chasing after Charles? Robert looked more handsome and was even more kind. She should have spent more time on him instead! Charles would never fall for her.

For a moment, Lisa forgot about the reason behind Robert's affection for her. She had the same face as Linda's. It was the answer to all her problems.

Robert thought that she was Linda.

Lisa hated reminding herself of that fact. Instead, she just enjoyed the affection she was getting from Robert, wishing she never had to wake up from this beautiful dream.

The more she spent time with Robert, the more she fell for him. It occurred to her that Charles was cruel and heartless, and all her efforts to win his heart was ridiculous and unnecessary.

After half an hour, the car pulled over in front of Huo's villa. Robert gently helped Lisa out of the car and took her inside the house.

The Huo villa was just as glamorous as the Mus'.

As soon as Lisa stepped into the living room, she heard the voice from her nightmares.

"Brother, did you bring my sister-in-law home?"

Adam's voice was calm and clear. Lisa's heart froze.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing right now. Almost every night, she would wake up from her nightmares. Adam's voice haunted her like a ghost.

Lisa was petrified to see Adam inside the house. Cold sweats came out from her neck as she stood there in horror.

"Yes, we are home."

Robert's face turned red as he noticed his brother referred to Lisa as "sister-in-law'. He shyly snapped, "Adam, don't say that."

"Brother, she knows how you feel about her. Now that she is willing to follow you home, I am sure she doesn't mind me calling her sister-in-law. Is that correct, my dear sister-in-law?" Adam chuckled. He sat on the sofa, examining Lisa from head to toe. His stare made her blood run cold.

It had never occurred to Lisa that the two brothers lived together in the same villa.

Then, she remembered how close they were, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they stayed in the same place.


phone rang.

Lisa picked it up and saw an unknown number.

"Go and knock on my brother's door. If he refuses you, come to my bedroom instead."

Lisa's heart froze as she read the message. She knew it was from Adam.

The last thing she wanted to do was to enter Adam's room. She knew he was going to torture her as soon as she showed up there.

Adam's message was clear. He wanted her to sleep with his brother.

Lisa made up her mind that she was going to knock on Robert's door. She was gambling with his affection toward her. She was confident that Robert would not refuse her.

Lisa checked how she looked in the mirror before she left her room. She was just wearing a big pyjama top.

Robert's big shirt covered her curvy body, revealing her long slim legs. Her fair, smooth skin smelled fresh from the body wash she used.

She knew she looked extremely sexy right now.

After a final check, Lisa left her room and went to knock on Robert's door.

Robert was restless in bed. His mind was full of Linda. Knowing that she was just right next door to him, he couldn't fall asleep out of excitement.

As he was tossed and turned in bed, he heard someone lightly knocking on the door.

He got out of the bed and opened the door. He was surprised to see Lisa outside of his door. Robert gazed at her and said, "What's wrong, Linda?"

"May I come in please?" Lisa gazed at him, her eyes sparkling with a strange fire.

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