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   Chapter 314 Let Me Take You Home

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Outside of the window, there were several guards as well. Lisa could not make it solely on her own. She needed help from Robert and his men.

In order to successfully carry out their plan for Lisa's escape, they must prepare thoroughly and enlist enough manpower.

After they had agreed on everything, Robert nodded with confidence and drove away.

They could not take action during the day because they could easily attract everyone's attention.

They had to wait until it was dark.

Charles wouldn't be home anyway. They would have plenty of time to escape.

Adam sat in the sofa with his legs crossed. He aimlessly stared at the TV, his mind somewhere else.

When someone tried to open the door, Adam slightly curled up his lips.

He was glad that Lisa still had some sense in her. Everything seemed to be working out according to his plan.

However, he stood up from the sofa, pretended to be surprised, and shouted toward the door, "Brother, how come you are home now? I thought you are going to the Mu clan's villa!"

Robert looked really defeated. Adam could tell that he was in a very bad mood. Robert was this close to drag 'Linda' out just now, but he controlled himself at the last minute.

He knew he could not behave hastily.

He had to wait patiently until tonight.

It would be a long wait for him, but he had to do it for Linda's sake...

"Charles is such a heartless bastard! I am taking Linda here this evening, " Robert uttered between gritted teeth.

"Why? What did he do?"

"It is outrageous! He locked up Linda in the house, forbade her to go out, and treated her like garbage when he found out she might not be able to conceive again after the miscarriage. What kind of man behaves like that? If he can't handle the responsibilities, he shouldn't have decided to marry her in the first place!" Robert snapped as he walked straight toward the kitchen. There, Alice served him a glass of iced water. Robert gulped it down, feeling a bit better after he did.

"Don't you know that Charles is a bastard? You should have realized his true character a long time ago when he hurt me for the sake of winning. Even though he told everyone that it was merely an accident, I knew it was not! Who knows what he was up to! Brother, sometimes we really need to think about ourselves!"

Robert's face darkened. He didn't know wh

this magic power to make her heart sing. Just then, Robert opened his mouth and broke her heart instantly.

He said, "I am here for you, Linda."

Lisa burst into tears. She sadly realised that he came here not for her, but for the woman she resembled - Linda. He was risking everything to rescue "Linda".

He thought she was his "Linda".

The love he had toward her was not for her. It was for Linda all this time.

Lisa wiped her tears away, forced a smile, and softly said, "Take me with you then."

She should just ignore it since Linda was already dead. The love and attention that belonged to Linda was hers now. She was the victorious one.

The thought cheered Lisa up. She shouldn't dwell on the past anymore, especially since the challenging future awaited her.

Robert held Lisa with great care and helped her slowly climb out of the window. Once her feet reached the ground, he signaled his men to bring her to the car waiting outside of the villa.

On the way to the Huo's villa

Robert asked the driver to put the heat on as he noticed Lisa's hands were freezing cold.

Lisa's heart filled with joy. She looked at him with much appreciation. She couldn't help but wonder why Linda was able to win everyone's heart. Robert's considerate move belonged to Linda, not her. It was so unfair.

"Are you still cold? Linda?" Robert fondly gazed at Lisa. From his eyes, she could tell that he really cared for "her".

Lisa smiled and slowly shook her head. She said to him, "Not anymore."

"Don't be scared. Let me take you home."

"Thank you."

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