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   Chapter 313 Keep a Low Profile

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Thirty minutes later, Robert arrived at the Mu clan's villa. He hesitated by the entrance. He wanted to barge in and confront Charles, but deep down inside, he didn't feel that it was appropriate to do so.

Robert noticed that whenever he dealt with issues related to Linda, he became unreasonably reckless.

He knew his brother's intentions and understood that Adam had only wanted him to be happy. Throughout the years, his younger brother had tried hard to help make his dream come true.

Did his brother just trick him into coming over? Did Adam make up all the stories so that he would bother to come here and see Linda?

Robert recalled that his brother had once did something unforgivably horrible. That time, Adam went all out. He hired someone to abduct Linda and had her sent to Robert's bed.

Of course, Robert didn't approve of that method. He always had the idea that he needed to win Linda's heart first. What was the point of taking her by force without winning her heart in the first place? That would only lead to her despising him in the end.

Robert respected women.

When he was about to drive away, his phone started ringing. Robert glanced at the screen and was shocked to see who was calling - Linda. He had saved her number when they went to a winter camp last year.

"Hello, " Robert answered the call. His voice somewhat trembled.


Her soothing voice came from the phone, echoing in his mind. Linda sounded aggrieved. He heard her sob weakly from time to time.

He missed her voice so much. He couldn't even remember when was the last time he heard her speak.

Adam's grand scheme was perfect. In order to achieve the remarkable resemblance of the two sisters, apart from Lisa's plastic surgery on the face, he also made sure that Lisa sounded like Linda.

They only differed in their personalities and mannerisms. But if Lisa was smart enough to imitate Linda's demeanors, no one could tell the difference.

However, Lisa was not his ideal pawn. She could not live up to his expectations and carry out his plan. Otherwise, with her current face and voice, she could have easily captured Charles' heart.

Adam hated to admit

ing to seduce Charles's lover.

Lisa could tell that Adam was very fond of his elder brother. Under no circumstances would he hurt his own brother. If she ever caused Robert any harm, Adam would surely punish her.

She didn't want to suffer from the cruel torture from him anymore. Meanwhile, she also needed to rescue her mother from jail as soon as possible.

Time flew by so fast. May Shen had already spent half a year behind bars. Lisa really missed her mother. May had always thought about what was best for her. However, Lisa sometimes acted childishly and recklessly.

She was the one who ruined her mother's plan. Otherwise, they wouldn't have ended up in this situation.

"We need to be careful. You can't barge into the house right now. If you take me out in broad daylight, people will accuse us of having an affair. Then, Charles would use this excuse to dump me."

Robert thought for a second and nodded. He completely agreed with her logic. He was about to say something when Lisa continued, "For now, I think it's best for you to go home. Don't let anyone see you. Then, tonight at midnight, the servants will switch shifts. Grab this opportunity and help me escape when there are less guards. You should also send someone here to create a distraction for the guards. There's a window in the bathroom, and I will climb out of it when they're preoccupied. You can simply wait for me outside the window and bring me out from there. "

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