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   Chapter 312 Linda Had a Miscarriage

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Now, he could do nothing but regret his decision.

Linda had already become someone else's fiancée.

If he could turn back time, he would have tried to win her heart before she got engaged with Charles.

But now, everything was too late.

Robert was a decent man. He would never meddle with others' relationships.

Once, Linda cried in his arms and told him that she was being mistreated by Charles. Even then, Robert didn't make any move because he knew that she was not his to protect.

Robert loved Linda, so he could always feel the hostility whenever he saw Charles.

He regarded him as his enemy.

Back when they were kids, Robert and Charles got along pretty well. They knew each other's likes and dislikes, so Robert could read Charles's mind easily.

He knew Charles loved Linda to bits. Otherwise, he would not have looked at Robert in such a petrifying way. He would have simply ignored him.

"Well, Adam, in the future, when you come across someone you like, be brave and tell her how you feel. Don't waste time like your brother did. Now, here I am, alone and without the love of my life. The feeling is killing me."

Robert's heart ached. He waved his hand, trying to get rid of Linda's image in his head. He had been working hard recently, keeping himself busy just to get over her. But his plan was clearly not working. Her face constantly haunted him whenever he was idle.

His mind was full of her, his whole heart crying for her.

"Brother, don't say that. How do you know that you can't get the woman you love? As I have told you multiple times before, you must strive for the things you truly desire." Adam put down his plate and fondly looked at his brother.

"I have no intentions of ruining her relationship with Charles. I have contemplated about this matter, and I am fine. I am enjoying my life as a single man. You don't need to comfort me."

"How do you know that you're ruining a relationship? What if it doesn't even exist?"

Robert raised his eyebrow at Adam's words and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Brother, you have been busy with your work lately, so you don't know what

ly blame him for..."

"Brother, I don't know what to say. Whether he hurt me on purpose or not, I don't know. But because of Charles, I have lost one of my eyes, and I am no longer capable of having my own child. I abhor him. As my only brother, are you going to avenge me or not?"

Robert looked up, but he found nothing suspicious in Adam's eye. His expression quickly changed. Right now, Adam profoundly grinned at him as if he were still the same innocent boy he had always known.

Robert lovingly stroked Adam's head and said, "I am sorry for your suffering all these years, Adam. It was my bad."

"Don't worry, Brother. I know how you feel. Please get back at Charles, for Linda's sake and for my sake. I really want to have a sister-in-law like Linda. Go to the Mu clan and confront Linda yourself. It's the only way for you to find out whether the information I told you just now is true or not."

"Okay, "

Robert nodded. Then, he took his coat and set out.

He went to the parking lot and found his car. There are so many questions he needed to ask her in person. Without further delay, Robert raced to the Mu clan's villa.

He had driven on this road numerous times. Even with his eyes closed, he could easily get to the Mu clan's villa from his home.

A lot of things happened in the past decade. As Robert drove on the road, he couldn't help but feel emotional at how much people had changed.

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