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   Chapter 311 Take Advantage of Robert's feelings

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Charles obviously had doubts about her. She only escaped death because of her face. Charles couldn't kill her since she looked like the love of his life.

But she was afraid that she might not be lucky the next time around because she really was not Linda.

Sitting on the floor, Lisa planned for her future.

She had learned a lot during these past few days. The Lady of the Xia clan, Lisa Xia, was no longer proud and arrogant.

She came to understand that sometimes she needed to bite the bullet when necessary. Her feelings for Charles were useless, especially now that he knew that something was wrong. So her love to him was meaningless.

She realized it the hard way... that Charles didn't love her at all. He only loved Linda.

Lisa sat on the floor for a while until she finally decided to get up and have some water. However, she was stopped at the door.

"My Lady, as per the orders of Young Master, you are not allowed to leave the room."

"Can't I go and get myself a glass of water?" Lisa's eyebrows furrowed as she glared at the servant in disbelief.

"Get out of my way, " Lisa snapped. Since Charles was not there, she had no reason to obey the servants.

She was still the Lady of the Mu clan. Charles valued his reputation too much, so there was no way he would reveal her real identity to the servants.

"My Lady, please don't put us in a tight spot. If you need anything, kindly tell us. We are more than willing to do it for you."

Charles had made it clear that 'Lady Linda' was grounded. The servants were loyal to him. They did not dare defy him. Even if Lisa threw a tantrum right now, they still wouldn't let her out.

Lisa thought for a second and gave in. She knew these servants were awfully loyal to Charles. It would be pointless for her to argue with them. Anyway, she needed to be friendly when dealing with them.

It just occurred to her that they might even help her once she was on good terms with them!

Charles had imprisoned her here in the house. She definitely couldn't get out without others' help. If she wanted to send messages or run away, she needed help from these servants.

"I'm sorry for s


Adam's lips slightly curled up. For a moment, Robert felt sorry for his younger brother. The plain and innocent smile on his face brought pain to his heart.

Adam didn't finish high school. He dropped out in the last year when the horrible incident happened. He simply couldn't live with it at the time.

Their parents didn't force him to finish his studies. They were quite open-minded, so they allowed him to stay home and recover from the trauma. Fortunately, Adam recuperated fast, making Robert feel relieved.

"Adam, I..."

Robert was about to say something to ease the tension, but Adam shook his head and stopped him. He picked up a piece of meat, put it on his brother's plate, and said, "Don't worry about me. I am doing great now!"

"That's nice to hear. Rest assured that, as your elder brother, I will always stay by your side and keep you company. Don't bother yourself with the past anymore."

Adam nodded. Then, he changed the subject and asked, "Oh yeah, how come you don't bring up Linda anymore?"

Robert's face froze as he heard Linda's name. He lowered his head and said nothing. Linda was like a wound in his heart. Whenever her name was mentioned, the wound would reopen and hurt like hell. Now that she was with Charles, he had no one else to blame but himself for letting her go. He regretted his decision back then. He should have stayed and seized the opportunity, instead of walking away.

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