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   Chapter 310 Gamble

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Charles's heart was torn at the thought of it. He had no idea what exactly Robert would do to Linda.

When Charles and Robert were kids, they were good friends. But as they grew older, they also grew apart. After a series of incidents, they had gone their separate ways. They hadn't talked to each other for ages.

Charles always thought about what had happened to their friendship. He didn't do anything wrong. If the Huo brothers blamed him for something he didn't do and decided to isolate him, then it was their problem. There was nothing he could do about it.

Whenever he came across them while doing business, he always treated them with leniency because they went way back.

However, things were different now. Robert openly challenged him by abducting his lover!

Charles was furious at Robert's dirty tricks. He even dared to send a fake Linda who disgusted him.

"Are you working for Robert?" Charles glared at her.

Lisa was surprised at his accusation, but she remained calm and decided to lie for her own sake. She knew very well that she had to deny everything; otherwise, she would be ruined.

Once Charles found out about the truth, he would ask her to bear the consequences.

Charles only suspected her but he had no proof. As long as the real Linda was nowhere to be found, she was safe because she looked exactly like Linda. There was nothing Charles could do to her for now.

"Young Master Mu, what are you talking about? I am Linda. I have told you multiple times that I am really Linda. How come you don't recognize me anymore?"

Lisa pouted. Her eyes were still wet with tears. The sight disgusted Charles greatly as he furrowed his eyebrows in distress.

He simply couldn't stand her cheap-ass crocodile tears anymore. Whenever he questioned her identity, she would use her tears as a weapon.

Charles turned his head away as he couldn't bear looking at her sad face. She had the same face as Linda's, and even though this woman wasn't her, it still hurt him to see Linda's f


Charles couldn't do it. Even though he knew she was not his beloved Linda, he still couldn't kill her as she resembled Linda.

When he was strangling her, he couldn't take his eyes away from her face.

The resemblance was so remarkable that he simply couldn't kill "her". Lisa barely escaped her death.

"Paul, from now on, Lady 'Linda' is grounded. She is not allowed to step out of the bedroom," Charles cast a glance at Lisa as he said so.

"Yes, Young Master."

Paul nodded and then went out to spread the word. Soon, the servants all heard about the incident. They all wondered whether Lady Linda had done something horrible to upset Young Master.

Young Master hadn't been home lately. Gossip spread among the servants. Was the couple on the verge of breaking up?

Charles didn't care about the rumours. He only hoped that Linda could return to his side safe and sound.

He wanted to hold her in his arms again.

Charles couldn't stay home anymore. He took off with Paul and went to the company. He was needed there to handle some important documents.

After everyone had gone, Lisa sat on the floor, staring blankly into the air, as if time had stopped. The tears continued to stream down her cheeks, but she didn't sob out loud. The pain Charles had left on her throat was still burning, but she couldn't care less.

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