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   Chapter 309 Don't Make Me Repeat Myself

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At this moment, Charles looked at Lisa, and he felt disgusted at the sight of her.

Later that night, he even skipped his dinner because he was concerned about the real Linda.

He could constantly feel a blunt pain coming from his stomach.

It clearly occurred to him that the woman by his side was not Linda at all. She did not have Linda's character. She only resembled her in appearance, and that was of no use.

He wouldn't fall for a woman just because of her looks.

Charles was a man of great power and wealth. He had seen too many beautiful women in his life. Countless of women wanted to be his lover.

But none of them caught his attention.

The first time he met Linda, she was just another pretty girl to him.

Later on, as they saw each other more often, he was overwhelmed by her sweet personality.

For him, the most important thing in a relationship was that he could be himself with a person that he liked.

Charles shockingly noticed the change in himself after Linda got pregnant. He was no longer behaving like himself. He even doubted whether his love toward her had faded. He wondered whether he had become a disloyal douchebag.

This made him realize that the woman by his side was not his beloved Linda.

His Linda was unique and irreplaceable. Even though this woman looked like Linda, she was definitely not her.

It was like gunpowder. Some used it for fireworks, and some used it for ammunition. The former was a treat for the eyes, and the latter was a tool for conquest. Even though it was made of the same thing, the use and the value were totally different.

Lisa grasped Charles by the hand. In the next second, she threw herself into his arms. Tears ran down her cheeks as she sadly pouted, "Hubby, you haven't been with me for ages. Could you spare some time for me today? Please?"

"What's wrong?" Charles turned around, his eyebrows furrowed.

"You just had a miscarriage. You should rest more." Charles made up a random excuse to decline her request.

"Don't yo

leave them alone so that she could comfort Charles in private, Charles calmly opened his mouth and said, "Who the hell are you?"

Lisa's heart skipped a beat. She looked up at him, her eyes wide open, "Young Master Mu... What do you mean? I am Linda!"

"You are not Linda."

"How could you possibly say such a horrible thing? You don't love me anymore, do you? If you don't love me anymore, you can be honest with me and tell me the truth. You shouldn't say such hurtful words to chase me away!" Tears ran down her cheeks as Lisa stared at Charles in agony.

She was not Linda, but her love toward Charles was just as sincere as Linda's.

She wanted to be with him and live with him forever, but he never gave her any chance.

He never gave her the chance to walk into his heart.

"Don't make me repeat myself." Charles rubbed on his temple and told Paul, "Bring her to the study. I need to interrogate her. This can't be delayed anymore."

He couldn't afford to delay the investigation. Charles was really worried about Linda's safety.

Although Linda's life wouldn't be in danger if she was with Robert, Charles still couldn't wait to rescue her back. She was his beloved woman, and it was killing him that he could not hold her in his arms.

He had a theory that Robert had abducted Linda and that he had her locked up somewhere unknown.

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