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   Chapter 308 You Go to Bed First

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After hearing those words, Charles's face turned grim; his pupils contracted. Gloom flooded his handsome face.

"Also, Young Master, the WSS found something else. The owner was changed today, and its original owner is nowhere to be found. There were no other records. The only thing they were able to dig up was that the name of the original owner had 'Huo' in it."


The first person that popped into his head was Robert Huo.

What if this fake Linda really had something to do with Robert Huo? Charles thought about the possibility.

"Do you think... that Robert Huo could be the original owner?"

It would be rash for Charles to come to conclusions regarding these matters, so he asked Paul. Paul had been handling the WSS intelligence system, so his judgments were reliable.

"I think it is possible, " Paul nodded his head and continued, "You see, Robert Huo has always loved Lady Linda. Maybe he had taken the real one away and substituted her with a fake!"

Charles thought about Paul's explanation and nodded.

He was somehow relieved because this assumption suggested that the real Linda was still alive.

Anyway, it was something worth celebrating.

As long as she was still alive...

Charles didn't give much thought over the fact that Linda had taken so long to come back to him, even though she was alive.

Nevertheless, he still entertained the idea that he would be able to see the real and vivacious Linda.

"Young Master, I think Amy had something to do with this. Lady Linda and Amy didn't always get along..."

Paul analyzed.

The miscarriage of the fake Linda was caused by Amy who had pushed her into the pond. Although Charles thought that Amy was better than doing these despicable things, especially since she was a Young Lady of the Qi clan, he was sure that Amy had played a part in Linda's disappearance.

With a deep breath, Charles said, "Let's go back home


But now, he was disgusted at the thought of that scene.

Lisa was disheartened when she saw Charles going straight to the study. She clenched her teeth and reassured herself that she would definitely get something from Charles tonight.

If Charles rejected her again, it would confirm that he was suspicious of her, and he was not going to bear her lies. She had to prepare herself if it was the case.

Robert Huo, Adam Huo's brother, also had feelings for Linda, didn't he? She could take advantage of that.

Anyhow, Robert seemed like a nice person.

Lisa had seen Robert in several occasions. She had pleased him once upon the instruction of Adam.

Her favorable impression of Robert grew even more.

"All right, when will you go to sleep?"

Since Paul was not there, Lisa felt free to make some bold attempts. She had taken a shower by now.

The whole house was equipped with underfloor heating, so Lisa was able to dress herself in a translucent silk gown.

She planned to make her final move.

She was currently ovulating, so the possibility of conception was very high right now. If they slept together, she could figure out a way to get pregnant!


Anything was possible with modern technology!

"I don't know yet. You go to bed first."

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