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   Chapter 307 A Dispensable Puppet

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Charles Mu didn't see anything wrong, so he didn't say anything. But he was still suspicious of her intentions. He could sense that this meal was more than just getting together to eat. However, it would be rash for him to make a move. Haste would accomplish nothing.

Lisa Xia ate quite a few mouthfuls and then got ready to leave with Charles. She thought that Charles would treat her as he did before, so she held his arms as she naturally would. But Charles shook her hands off unconsciously.

Petrified by his gesture, Lisa was at a loss.

The crowd of onlookers cast curious glances at what just happened.

Wasn't Young Master Mu here to pick up his fiancée?

How come he brushed her off like that? It didn't make any sense!

The crowd was whispering, but none dared speak out loud, afraid of being heard.

Charles didn't mean to do it, since even he was unable to explain why he acted that way. Maybe he just hated to be intimate with Lisa.

Charles realized at that moment that his feelings wouldn't change even if Lisa looked like Linda.

Linda was unique. Without her character and personality, her looks wouldn't suffice.

He missed Linda so much at that particular moment. He missed her smiles and her glances.

The woman by his side was incapable of doing the little things that Linda used to.

Noticing the startled Lisa, Charles became irritated and gave a perfunctory excuse. He said that he was under the weather, and it would do her good by keeping her distance with him because she might get infected given her weak condition.

Lisa nodded her head upon hearing his response and followed him obediently.

Any sensible man could tell Charles's intentions. His rejection had a deeper meaning than just having a cold.

In a dark room of the Xinyi Hotel

A gloomy set of eyes stared outside the window until Charles drove away with his car. He kept his sight outside, staring blan

been deleted by Lisa. The phone now only had some spam messages. Charles couldn't have found anything on it.

However, it didn't occur to Lisa that Charles would go as far as to check her location and rush to Xinyi Hotel to find out who she was meeting!

But Charles still left without saying a word.

Saddened by this, she still tried to comfort herself by thinking that Charles was just too busy with his work.

Also, despite his busy schedule, he still took time to pick her up at the hotel, so he definitely still cared for her!

Lisa tried to convince herself that Charles was tied up with business stuff. That was why he had overlooked her and didn't come home for a whole week.

Maybe she was getting paranoid. Now, she was not sure if she should continue what Adam had told her to do, or if she should stay still and consider her own interests first. After all, she would be naive to believe that Adam treated her with sincere intentions. She was just a dispensable puppet at his will.

After returning to the company, Charles kept quiet. Paul knew that he was waiting for information. The WSS organization had conducted a quick research and sent over the information as fast as they could.

"Young Master, they found that the owner of Xinyi Hotel is Amy."

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