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   Chapter 306 To Leave Her Phone in A Cab

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In a hurry, Charles Mu and Paul went directly to the hotel.

When they arrived at the hotel, they were stopped?at the gate by the hotel manager.

"What can I do for you, Young Master Mu?" asked the manager, wearing a wide smile on his face.

Charles Mu seemed annoyed. Xinyi Hotel wasn't a place where decent women went. What was she doing here? 'She should have behaved herself even if she's not the real Linda Xia.

It would bring disgrace to the family if she's seen in such a place, ' thought Charles.

The manager backed off when he saw Charles's grim face. "Lady Linda is in the hotel, and we're here to fetch her. Did you see her?" explained Paul immediately.

"May I ask what she looks like? So we can help look for her..."

Asked the manager, still putting on a fake smile.

He had been ordered to stall them off. Even though he had seen her before, he had to ask these questions and delay them.

"You mean you don't know her?"

Paul's face fell. Everyone in the SH city should have known her.

Charles and Linda's engagement had been a significant event, several times more popular than any movie premiere.

Paul was getting impatient. He was about to blow up at the manager, but Charles stopped him. They had to restrain themselves at this crucial moment.

"Show him her picture, " said Charles.

A picture should be enough for the manager to recognize her!

He would like to see what the woman had been up to. Was she cheating on him?

If that was the case, he would be pleased to dispose of her as soon as possible.

Since the sisters had the same look now, Paul showed the manager Linda's picture. Paul would never keep Lisa Xia's picture in his phone;

The only picture of a woma

e also felt that he wasn't. Nevertheless, she still hoped. She hoped that he came to the hotel out of his love for her.

Lisa was distracted and had lost her appetite. She knew that he was just acting in front of her. Earlier before, when Adam Huo's man informed them that Charles was coming to the hotel, she felt a tingle of fear inside of her.

If Charles had found her in Adam's room, she would have been done for. That would have been a fatal mistake.

Even if nothing happened, It was bad enough for her to be seen in a hotel room.

What would he think of her? Would he think that she was cheating on him?

She would be unable to explain.

Adam had asked his man to take Lisa to the cafeteria. He had planned to take advantage of the launch of the hotel cafeteria to cover for her. Since she was still of use to him, He was willing to help.

Adam was always careful with his plans. He had expected it to happen and had already planned for it. Lisa was a stupid girl. Sometimes, he would regret choosing her as his puppet.

Now, thinking about it, Who would be stupid enough to leave her phone in a cab at such a crucial moment?

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