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   Chapter 305 Charles is Coming!

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Subconsciously, Lisa still didn't want to be at the mercy of Adam. She wanted to fight back, but she just couldn't.

This feeling suffocated and frustrated her very much, but she had no way out.

"My brother likes you very much, 'Linda'. He is in low spirits recently. He needs your company. Do you know that? I'll arrange for you two to meet. You should satisfy whatever he wants. But you're not allowed to get pregnant with his baby, "

Adam said in a serious tone. His words froze Lisa's bones.

She couldn't get pregnant, but she had to please the Huo brothers.

For Master Robert, she would be okay to do it.

Robert was kind to her. When he spoke or communicated with her, he was gentle to her. He made Lisa feel warm.

But he only treated her well because she had Linda's face, The face of the woman she hated the most.

What about Adam?

Adam was heinous. Lisa detested Adam, but she couldn't do anything to fight back.

He had so many cards against her that she could do nothing but give in to him.

Seeing Lisa's expression, Adam understood what she was thinking about. She must have hated him to the guts.

She glared at him with hatred in her eyes. But Adam liked this look.

The more Lisa hated him, the happier he was. Only in this way could his psychopathic mindset be satisfied.

"Listen! You'd better not play any tricks. Otherwise, I won't let you go. Don't forget that your mother is still in jail."

Lisa nodded obediently, "You can count on it.

hadn't been home for a week.

What business did he have to come here?

In an instant, Adam took a glance at Lisa. The moment their eyes met, Lisa trembled at Adam's curious gaze.

Suddenly, she seemed to have remembered something. She rushed toward the bed and fumbled through the pocket of her coat.

As expected, her phone was nowhere to be found.

"I must have left my phone in the taxi. The driver knew I came out from the Mu villa. He probably sent it back there."

"You lost your phone. But how did Charles know you're here? He must have seen your message. You are exposed!"

Lisa shook her head violently, "No, that can't be. Except the spam messages, I have deleted all the messages you've sent me."

Something suddenly came into her mind. She said, "The driver must have told them my destination when he sent the phone back."

Her explanation seemed reasonable, so Adam believed her. He ordered, "Take her to the cafeteria on the third floor."

"Yes, Master Adam."

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