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   Chapter 304 Ruin Charles' Reputation

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Linda must have had some other features that deeply attracted Charles.

Adam knew that his brother Robert loved her, too.

This girl was special.

Lisa would never be able to imitate her, Even if she had the same face now. But, anyway, Adam hadn't expected her to stay with Charles for a long time.

She was just his pet. He just wanted to use her to

Deal with Charles, and that's all.

Adam had no empathy for this pet.

He kind of regretted letting Amy deal with Linda.

After all, half of the fortune of the Qi clan meant nothing to him. If he wanted to get it, he had millions of other ways to do so. Giving Linda to Amy in exchange for the Qi clan wealth was not a fair deal.

He was curious about this girl now, a girl who could attract both his brother and Charles.

But it was too late.

"Now that Charles has lost his interest in you, it's meaningless for you to stay with him, right? Come back to me instead..."

'No way!' Lisa shouted to herself.

She didn't want to give up her hard-earned escape from him, But she dared not to say so. She just trembled with her head down.

"You don't want to come back to me? I love you so much. Don't you see it?"

Adam said with a smile. He walked to her side, clenched her chin, and raised her head.

"Of course, I want to, master."

His grip on her chin hurt her so much that she was forced to look at him. Even though one of his eyes was covered by a patch, his bare eye gleamed with strange intention. In Lisa's eyes, he was a demon, Whose wickedness h

he didn't want her to suffer.

She herself was already suffering enough now. She hoped that her mother would be safe and sound.

"I would like to save her. But look at what you have done. You always disobey my orders. You know what I mean..."

Lisa was rendered speechless.


"Well, you can go now. I have something else to do. Remember to send me that draft as soon as possible. By the way, now that Charles has lost interest in you, I guess we can make use of it. I'll expose the news that the Young Lady of the Mu clan has lost her baby, but Young Master Mu hasn't been home for a week... I guess this news would be interesting enough for the media."

He was determined to ruin Charles's reputation.

Even if it turned out to be fake at the end, Charles would have to deal with all the negative public opinion first.

During then, the stocks of Mu Group would certainly slump.

It would be easier for Adam to carry out his plan. Lisa was astonished at his meticulous and horrifying arrangements.

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