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   Chapter 303 Basic Rules

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In Xinyi Hotel.

Lisa lowered her hat before she entered the hotel, so as to avoid being recognized.

She walked out of the lift and headed straight to room 1901.

Lisa stood at the door and hesitated to knock on it.

Why did Adam ask her to meet him here? He must have wanted to have sex with her, but Lisa hated how he treated her in bed. She felt humiliated every time they did it.

Finally, Lisa plucked up courage to knock on the door.

The door opened after two seconds. Lisa looked around, stepped into the room, and closed the door hastily.

After all, she was engaged with Charles. Even though she was not yet his wife, she was about to become the Young Lady of the Mu Clan.

If someone saw her meet another guy in a hotel, her reputation would be ruined.

The thick curtains covered the windows. Dim rays of sunlight came in through the gaps in between.

In the darkness, Lisa managed to see a tall male figure sitting on the sofa next to the windows.

She couldn't see the face clearly, but she knew it was Adam.


"Yes..." Lisa said in a shaky voice.

"Have you forgotten the basic rules? Just because we haven't seen each other in a while? Huh?"

Adam's voice was still gentle. But to Lisa, it was more creepy than pleasant.

She dropped to her knees out of fear and submitted to him. "Master."

Adam nodded with content.

"Tell me. How is your life in the Mu villa lately?" Adam asked and tapped his finger on the sofa in a steady rhythm.

Lisa was unaccustomed to the darkness in the room, but Adam liked it very much. Only darkness could make him feel s

fter a long while, Adam opened his mouth.

"It seems like you're having a wonderful time in the Mu villa! Have you forgotten why I brought you there?"

Lisa dared not lie to him anymore. "No, master. Charles has been indifferent to me for a while. He hasn't come back for a whole week."

"How could that be? If he knows that you lost the baby, he would feel sorry for you and cherish you more. Why is he ignoring you? Have you been exposed?"

"No! That's impossible! All the staff in the hospital are under our control. How could he find out the truth?"

Adam didn't buy it. He knew Lisa well. He knew she would fail to play the role when she moved into the Mu villa.

Even though she held back her bad temper in front of Charles, it was still inside her.

Charles must have noticed something strange, so he was indifferent to her. Anyway, Lisa could never be Linda. They were too different.

Charles was an experienced bachelor. He must have already seen all kinds of beauties. The reason why he liked Linda must have little to do with how she looked like.

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