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   Chapter 302 Xinyi Hotel

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Adam's words made Lisa drop to her knees at once. Trembling with fear, she stayed on the ground and lowered her head, as if Adam were in front of her.

"Is it true?" Adam asked with a gentle smile.

"It is the truth, master."

Adam continued, "Do you realize that you did something wrong?"

"I don't know what you mean, master!"

"You don't know? Well, I guess you should come see me. I will tell you face to face. The address had already been sent to you. You have one hour to get here."


Adam had hung up the phone before Lisa finished her words.

Lisa was terrified. She knew that his gentle voice was the calm before the storm. He must have known something, otherwise he wouldn't bother to call.

Should she go? Should she? For a while, Lisa didn't dare to go see him.

Would he destroy her completely when she's there?

After a few moments of consideration, she finally decided to go. She only had one hour. If she failed to follow his demand, he would definitely punish her. A shameful punishment was the last thing she wanted to experience.

She brushed her hair, changed her clothes, and flushed the package down the toilet. Then, she called a taxi, ready to head to where Adam was -

Room 1901, Floor 6, Xinyi Hotel, No. 36, Beilong Street.

Lisa had to hide her whereabouts from the Mu clan. If they knew she was going to meet someone in a hotel, then her reputation as a Lady would be ruined.

A taxi soon picked her up. She had covered her face completely with a hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a scarf, in case the driver knew who she was. After all, the face of the Mu clan's Young Lady was fami

can about her and why she's here." Charles frowned. His thick eyebrows furrowed.

Charles had never checked Linda's phone before because he wanted to give her privacy and show her that he trusted her. But the girl in the villa was not Linda.

Paul took the phone and examined it carefully. He read the messages first.

"Young Master, the text messages are spam..."

"Can you restore the ones that were deleted? By the way, can you track her location? Where did she get off from the taxi?"

Paul obeyed Charles's orders and successfully tracked her down. Her phone showed where she was during the last hour.

"Young Master, I have an address. She may be near No. 36, Beilong Street."

"What is there?"

"I remember that's where the Xinyi Hotel is. It's a 5-star hotel."

Charles grabbed his coat and rushed out with a frown. "Why did she go there? Start the car. Let's go check it out. Maybe we will find some clues there."

"Yes, Young Master."

"By the way, find out the owner of the hotel."

Paul hurriedly asked the WSS to find out detailed information about the hotel.

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