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   Chapter 301 How Dare You

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Paul's words made Lisa's heart sink.

Paul was the one closest to Charles. By saying this, did he mean that Charles no longer liked her? But why? What did she do wrong?

Normally, anyone who had a miscarriage would be given more attention, cherished, and comforted. How come Charles totally ignored her?

"What do you mean, Paul?"

She thought about her disguise and how she had been acting. She made sure that she didn't have any slip-ups.

She addressed Paul the way Linda did. So what could be wrong? Was Charles's love for her fleeting? Or was Charles just naturally cold?

"My Lady, we employ these servants. We hope you would not hit them again in the future." Paul said and strode towards Charles's study.

"Paul, wait! What exactly do you mean? Where is Young Master Mu? Why hasn't he come back to see me? Is it because I lost the baby?" Lisa yelled, but Paul didn't turn around.

Paul just walked into the study indifferently, fetched what Charles had asked for, and then left, Leaving Lisa at a loss.

'What on earth is the matter? I lost the baby. I lost everything.

Even though the baby wasn't his, it doesn't matter because he doesn't know that.' Lisa thought. At least, for a while longer, he wouldn't find

cooled her down.

Looking at her awkward self in the mirror, she suddenly found a black spot on her face. Even though the spot was not visible from a distance, others would definitely see it when they take a closer look at her.

Lisa was shocked. 'What on earth is that spot on my face? Is this an effect of the plastic surgery?'

Lisa stared at the dot for a long time, but she failed to come up with any idea...

After taking a deep breath, she took out her phone and called the number.

She felt that Adam had destroyed her life.

Adam picked up the phone.

"Bitch, how dare you take so long to call me back?" Adam Huo said in his gentle tone.

"You misunderstood me, my master. I was eating, and the servants were so noisy that I didn't hear the text alert. I called you as soon as I saw your message."

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