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   Chapter 300 What's in Charles' Mind

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Sarah felt a chill go down her spine. Amy's eyes were too cold to gaze at.




Sarah opened her mouth, but she failed to find the words to say.

Amy, sitting on her bed, swore to herself that she had to make Haley pay. This was all because of her. Otherwise, she wouldn't break the arm and the leg.

Whoever offended her would be her enemy.

The villa of the Mu clan.

Lisa woke up early this morning. The other side of the bed was still empty.

It had been a week since Charles was home.

Lisa felt sad as she touched her belly.

Was it because she lost her baby? If not, then why did Charles give her the cold shoulder?

He used to cherish her. How could losing a baby change it all?

The whole week was a torture to her. She felt rather lonely here.

"My lady, lunch is ready. Would you like to eat now?"

The servant asked carefully when she heard that Linda was up.

Lisa agreed, and then the servant came in.

After washing up, Lisa came downstairs. In the living room, there were only she and the servants.

"Where on earth is the Young Master? When will he come back?" Lisa couldn't help but ask.

"We have no idea, my Lady. Young Master didn't tell us anything, " answered the servants with their heads shaking.

Out of no reason, Lisa felt angry. Now that she was by Charles' side, she should have been happy. Even though it meant that she must live in the name of Linda, she was willing to do so.

All she wanted was Charles. But what about now? How co

ty, so Paul remained respectful to her.

But Lisa got shocked when she saw Paul.

She worried that Paul might notice her bad-mannered behavior.

She didn't want to ruin her image in front of Paul, who was the right hand of Charles. Charles was keeping distance from her. If Paul told him about her behavior, then Charles would hate her even more!

"Nothing, Paul. I'm just in a bad mood."

"What happened to you, My Lady?" Paul asked and then said to another servant, "Take him to the hospital."

Obviously, Lisa had slapped and kicked him rather hard. Paul could feel that the servant was shivering with pain.

Lisa began to complain with tears, "Paul, he hasn't been home for one week. Is he trying to abandon me?"

Paul just smiled back and didn't utter a word. If Charles was cold to the real Linda, he woud definitely urge him to talk to Linda. But the one in front of him was absolutely not Linda.

"My lady, I'm sorry. It's inappropriate for us servants to guess what's in Young Master's mind."

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