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   Chapter 299 The Gentle Smile

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"My Lady, there is something peculiar about the business card. Although it has already volatilized, through further testing I still found some substance that could make the skin fester. Together with a kind of chronic poison, this substance can penetrate into the skin and slowly through the body. The poison will not show its effect within a short period of time. The latency of the attack can last for more than a month. But when it takes effect, it may cause palpitations, vomiting, dizziness and so on."

"Sure enough, Sarah Shen is quite cunning. She had misled us by shifting our attention to the feast of fish in the restaurant to hide her schemes."

Even if they were suspicious of her intentions, they only doubted the safety of the dishes served that day.

In addition, the fish eggs had been deliberately put into the grouper of the last dish. This looked rather suspicious.

How clever she was!

It seemed that Sarah Shen was not as naive as she had been before. Now, she had learned the art of deception.

"So we have been exposed to the poison... Is it serious?"

Acute poisoning could easily be found out, and the poisoner would be held accountable immediately. But for the chronic poisoning, it was another story. After penetrating into the body through the skin, the chronic poison would not show its effect until a month later. By then, no one could accuse Sarah Shen of poisoning. On a superficial level, she only invited Linda Xia and the others for lunch simply because they had saved her life.

In this way, Sarah Shen could totally get away with it. It was no doubt an elaborate scheme.

Fortunately, Linda Xia suddenly thought of the business card. Otherwise, this could lead to a catastrophe a month later.

"My Lady, we only gave you a routine examination several days ago. We found nothing wrong because this poison can only be detected through specific blood tests. And thus, we didn't pay attention to it. Luckily, you remembered this business card. Otherwise, we would have been tricked by Sarah Shen due to our carelessness."

Anna was relieved to have detected the poison in time. She prescribed some medications for Linda and Nelson Li, so they could avoid the poisoning. If it had not been for their timely detection, they wo

ortably. You will recover as long as you recuperate for a while. Please listen to the doctor!" Sarah Shen stood nearby, watching Amy try to walk with crutches. She panicked when she saw Amy walking sloppily and falling on the floor.

It was soon for Amy to do so. Her bone hadn't healed properly yet, which means she hadn't fully recovered, but she was already tired of being in bed all day. She wanted to stand up.

This would not do!

If one's muscles are hurt, one needs a hundred days to recover, not to mention broken bones!

During this period, Amy lay on the bed at her house all the time. She did not exercise and was offered good meals by the servants of the Qi clan. Meanwhile, Amanda Zhang worried about the recovery of her daughter so that she let Amy take lots of tonics. Now Amy was getting fatter, with a rounder face and bigger belly.

"No, I am going to see Charles a few days later. How can I show up like this?" Amy sat on the floor feebly. Before a huge cheval mirror, she saw her haggard face and lusterless hair. Seeing how fat she was, Amy was desperate.

"Haley should be blamed for this! It is all her fault."

"Still, you cannot be too hasty. If so, your condition will worsen."

"I am just so furious about this. It was Haley that caused my injuries. I had nothing against her, but she dared do this to me. I shall let her die violently!" Under the dim light, Amy's eyes looked like that of a poisonous snake's who was ready to attack. Sarah Shen felt her hair stood on end.

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