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   Chapter 298 Their Arms Were Peeling

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Linda had prepared for a lunch with a bad outcome, but nothing had happened. That terrified her. What's more, the smiling face of Sarah frightened her.

After all, it's easier to wipe out enemies in the open than in the dark because if it was out in the open, at least it would have been expected.

Over lunch, Sarah gave a heartfelt thanks to Nelson, who saved her from drowning.

There were no tricks. There was nothing special in the food. Except for the little incident with the grouper, everything was fine.

But Linda felt strange. In her eyes, it seemed to be the calm before the storm.

On their way home.

"Anna, is there anything wrong with the fish?"

Asked Linda with a frown.

"My lady, you should be careful about what you eat. If the fish isn't cooked properly, it may cause diarrhea or stomachache. The eggs of the grouper contain toxins, which may cause paralysis. So you must be careful, " answered Anna seriously.

"I see, " said Linda with a nod.

"Maybe Sarah didn't know anything about the incident, or she was just testing the waters. It may just be a foreplay, " analyzed Lily.

Nelson agreed with Lily and said, "It makes sense. Maybe she wanted to shift our attention with those dishes, especially the last one."

"My Lady, I highly recommended that you have a medical examination! Otherwise, I won't feel at ease."

Linda thought so too. Anyway, one can't be careful enough.

Anna immediately took Linda to the private hospital of the Nalan clan. Th

hat day.

She touched the card and then gave it to Nelson.

Lily and Anna didn't touch it. Was there any problem with the card?

"Nel, do you still have the card?"

Nelson was confused. "What card?"

"Do you remember? I gave you a card that day. Sarah gave me the card and went back to change her clothes. There is the address of the restaurant on it."

"Yes, I remember. It's in my car."

"Go and fetch that card. I think that's the reason. We should analyze it."

"Okay, My Lady." Nelson rushed to the car.

Since the card may be harmful, he dared not touch it using his bare hands. Rather, he put it into a plastic bag and handed the bag to Anna.

Anna then hurried to the private hospital of the Nalan clan. She was one of the staff of the hospital, so the instruments were available for her use.

She decided to analyze the card by herself for the sake of Linda. Linda was important to her.

After three hours, Anna came back with the card.

"Anna, what's the result?"

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