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   Chapter 297 Deep-sea Grouper

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Linda noticed that Sarah had been mentioning the fish in the restaurant several times. She had just told Linda that fish was the specialty of the restaurant. Now, she mentioned again that the specials were all fish. Obviously, she was nervous.

It seemed that the dishes really had been manipulated.

"Oh, really? So, which of these fish are the specials? Why don't you tell us?" Linda asked with a smile.

Sarah looked particularly calm. As a waiter served the first dish, Sarah began to describe it.

"You see, Lady Nalan. This is one of the specialties of the restaurant - Codfish with Poached Eggs."

Linda looked at the dish carefully. It had a pile of white things that were made to look like a salad.

Then, the waiter sliced the white part open, and all the egg yolks burst out.

"Lady Nalan, the codfish needs to be eaten with sauce," The waiter gave a cordial introduction.

Linda cast a glimpse at Anna and received a nod in response.

So she went to taste the fish. It was delicious. No wonder it was one of the specials.

Then, the following dishes served all had fish in them. All of them were exquisite, living up to the reputation of the restaurant's namesake.

Linda can't help but exclaim over the wide variety of fish that were served. After a while, a waiter served a burning hotpot of fish head.

Having hotpot in winter, Linda had to admit that it was a nice experience.

But Sarah had yet to do what she really wanted to, right? This was only the calm before the storm.

"Well, the last dish is coming. The fish used is a grouper, which is very common in households. But it's especially good here, and the restaurant only serves one every day. Lady Nalan, please enjoy."

Nearly half an hour passed, a lot of fish dishes had been served. Linda was stu

lease be assured that as long as you don't eat roe, just the fish meat, you won't get poisoned."

It seemed that the manager had known what Anna would ask in advance. He explained calmly.

Hearing the manager's explanation, Anna had gone quiet. She only knew that grouper roe was poisonous, but she didn't know much. So in the urgent situations, just like this, she would be so angry, especially since there were people who wanted to hurt Linda.

"I'm really sorry for our negligence. If we had explained it to you in advance, you wouldn't be this angry. Our restaurant has been operating for many years, and there has never been any problem with this cooking method. Please be at ease," The manager continued.

"All right, it's just a mistake. Manager, you may leave now." Sarah stood up and waved away the manager and the waiters.

"It turned out to be a mistake!" Linda leaned on the chair, looked at Sarah Shen, and smiled.

"Yes, of course, it's a mistake. I frequent visit this restaurant and have never had any problem. Lady Nalan, you may relax."

After hearing that, Linda took a little bite of the grouper meat.

Although it tasted quite good, the cooking method was a bit scary.

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