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   Chapter 296 Don't Miss It

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In the car.

"Go and check the place out. See if there's any problem with it. I keep thinking that Sarah Shen's invitation for lunch has some sort of malicious intent. I mean, how could she allow herself to fall into the river without reason?"

Linda passed Nelson the card which Sarah Shen gave her just now and asked him to check the restaurant on it.

On top of the card was the address where Sarah Shen invited them for lunch.

"All right, My Lady!" Nelson nodded. Since Nelson was also Linda and Lily's driver at the moment, to ensure their safety, he didn't want to make the call while driving. He momentarily parked the car along the curb and then called someone to check the restaurant.

"I also feel weird about the place. It seems like an isolated one. Only a few people go there. And how could she suddenly appear and fall into the river near us?"

"I think it's stupid of her to fall into the river. She should have found someone else, like a servant, to do it for her, " Linda shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. She was almost brought into tears by her enemy's foolishness.

"Hahaha!" Lily laughed uncontrollably.

Sarah Shen went to change clothes, so Linda and the others arrived at the restaurant first.

The restaurant was called "Town of Fish".

It looked good.

A moment after Linda had stepped inside the place, somebody came over to greet her, "Are you Lady Nalan?"

Linda was a bit surprised and then nodded.

"Lady Shen told us to wait for you here. This way, please, Lady Nalan."

It turned out that Sarah had booked the restaurant in advance. But it was strange that there was no one else apart from Linda and her group in the restaurant. How could there be no one else here?

"Does no one usually come at noon? Why is the place so quiet?" Linda asked as she followed him upstairs.

"Actually, Lady Shen had reserved the whole restaurant for lunch to cater to you important guests."

Linda un

t your fault."

"Now let's eat. The dishes here are very special. They are all fish. Lady Nalan, do you like eating fish?"

"I don't hate it."

They chatted randomly. Then, Anna also arrived.

In order to prevent Sarah from recognizing her, Anna wore a cap and a mask. Even though Sarah had never met Anna before, perhaps Amy had previously mentioned her to Sarah.

She wore the disguise just in case.

However, Sarah really didn't know anything about Anna. She felt a little strange about her arrival, but she didn't ask.

"We have planned to have lunch with a friend this noon. Since now we've come here to have lunch with you, I asked her to come over. Do you mind, Lady Shen?" Linda asked with a smile.

The question put Sarah in an awkward position. How could she say no? She shook her head and said, "I don't mind. Let's eat together. The more, the merrier."

Then Anna sat beside Linda.

Soon, the waiters began to serve the dishes, which had already been prepared because the restaurant was only serving one table at noon that day.

Sarah was the hostess of this feast, so the servers couldn't lay the food on the table until she had arrived.

"The specialty of this restaurant is fish. It's very delicious. I frequently visit this restaurant. Have a taste, Lady Nalan."

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