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   Chapter 295 The Tissue Thing

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"Uhm, Lady Nalan. I was wondering if you could give me some tissue..."

Sarah Shen struggled to finish the whole sentence as she had to deal with her running nose.

She felt her snot coming out.

Linda said with a shrug, "Sorry, I am not used to bringing tissue with me when I go out."

"My Lady, just hang in here. I am going to buy a packet of tissue for you. After all, it's a park. There must be a food stand or something."

The idea occurred to the servant when she suddenly remembered that there was a food stand near the gate.

If she could come up with a packet of tissue right now, Sarah's problem would be solved. In that case, Sarah might go easy on her when they went back home.

Sarah Shen urged, "Move! Quickly!"

Her allergic rhinitis was triggered whenever she got cold. If she had known what was going to happen today, Sarah would have stayed far away from the water. Sarah was not in the mood for reprimanding the servant any more. All she wanted was for her to bring Sarah some tissue as soon as possible.

Nelson's man came back before anyone could notice.

The servant rushed to the food stand.

With her head bent back, Sarah Shen stood still and impatiently waited for her servant to come back. But her heart sank when she saw the servant running back empty-handed.

It was a real torture for Sarah to hold the snot inside her nostrils, while she restrained herself from scratching her itchy nose.

"Where is it?"

"I went there, and they told me it was sold out, " Sarah Shen cursed at her, "What a good-for-nothing you are! You cannot even take care of such a trivial matter!"

Linda said slowly, "That's pretty mean. She didn't mean it. Do the whole She

here were two things that I was into. One was playing computers, while another was drawing. How about I paint a portrait of you next time?"

Lily Jiang said with a smile.

Linda and Lily talked with each other excitedly, while Sarah Shen trembled with cold.

Why didn't anybody care about her? Why were they in the mood for talking when Sarah was suffering?

"How about I going change into some dry and warm clothes and meet you guys at the restaurant?" Sarah Shen said with chattering teeth.


The last thing Linda wanted was to ride in the same car as Sarah Shen, so Linda let her leave first. Without Sarah, Linda could discuss with Lily as to why Sarah wanted to make such a mess today on their way to the restaurant.

Sarah Shen left after giving them the address of the restaurant.

Linda turned around to ask, "How could a food stand not provide any tissue?"

Nelson Li laughed and said, "Well... My Lady, I guessed you didn't want Sarah Shen to have any tissue, so I..."

Even though he didn't finish his words, Linda gave him a knowing smile. One of the guards didn't really buy any hot chocolate...

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