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   Chapter 294 A Running Nose

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It was around 11 AM now. But none of them felt hungry. They just had breakfast about two hours ago.

Lily Jiang focused on her drawing. She remained silent, listening to the conversation between Sarah Shen and Linda.

Linda patted Lily on the shoulder.

Lily immediately understood and gave Linda a knowing smile in response. After all, they had been living together for a long time.

As spring was approaching, the weather began to warm up. But since it was the middle of March, it was still chilly outside. Sarah Shen climbed out of the lake soaking wet. The cold wind chilled her to the bone.

Linda almost failed to hold back her laughter when she saw Sarah Shen pretending to be all right, as she tried not to shudder. In the world, there were only a few things as sweet as seeing your old enemy miserable.

Sarah could have been spared from this. She was the Lady Shen from the powerful and well-known Shen clan. Sarah owned everything a girl ever wanted like vast wealth, a fancy wardrobe, a fine reputation, and a caring family who gave her everything she wanted. Why on earth was she willing to be one of Amy's minions?

Maybe Sarah Shen didn't realize that her best friend had been taking advantage of her.

Although Sarah Shen was pretty young, she had already become the Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau. She led a life everybody dreamed.

Why couldn't she just cherish everything she owned? Why did she need Amy's affirmation?

Lily Jiang was sitting still, painting the beautiful landscape of the park. She found the scenery in front of her to be way more beautiful than Sarah.

Linda once wondered whether peop

snot would come out. Linda was amused by what she saw.

Actually, Linda had the habit of bringing tissue whenever she went out. For someone else, she would be glad to offer it. But for Sarah Shen, the answer was definitely negative.

"I am so sorry, My Lady. I really forgot it. Why don't you ask them for some?" The servant answered in a panic.

Sarah Shen always put a packet of tissue in her handbag because of her allergic rhinitis. But she didn't bring her exclusive, precious handbag with her today because she didn't want it to get wet.

This was why she had the servant come with her and had the servant bring anything she needed.

But she didn't expect that the stupid servant could forget something so vital to her.

Sarah wanted to kill the servant now.

There were five bodyguards standing behind Linda. Nelson Li said something to one of them, and the man left.

Nelson Li bent down and said, "My Lady, it's cold here. I had someone buy you some hot chocolate."

Linda nodded and exchanged a look with Nelson Li. She knew the man didn't leave for just some hot chocolate.

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