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   Chapter 293 Sarah Fell into the Water

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Linda noticed Sarah, followed by a man, trudging toward them.

Drenched and freezing, she was trembling so hard.

What did they want? Linda didn't believe that Sarah just happened to be here. She had to be planning something that Amy couldn't do herself.

Linda resolved to see what they were up to.

"Thank you for saving my life. Had it not been for you, I could have died." Sarah Shen said to Nelson Li.

"You're welcome! My lady is the one you should be thanking because I just did what she asked me to do, " Nelson said, lowering his head.

"Excuse me, who?" Sarah didn't know how Haley looked like. She only knew that Haley would be here. That was why she stalked them and created a scene.

The lady sketching was supposed to be Lily, so the other sitting on the side should be Haley. With a closer look, Sarah found her familiar, even though she had never met her.

Linda had some subtle changes on her face, compared to before. Even people who knew her wouldn't be able to recognize her. Although she was still beautiful, she looked different.

"Nice to meet you! Have we ever met?" Sarah asked in suspicion.

"No, I don't think so, " Linda grined.

Haley's appearance and manners were familiar to Sarah, especially after taking a closer look.


ome, " Linda beamed with joy.

"Great! We must go now. It's getting late, " Sarah released a sigh of relief, grateful that Haley didn't catch on her real intentions.

"Hold on for a moment. My little sister is sketching. I'm waiting for her to finish. Shall we go a bit later?"

"Little sister? Lily is your little sister?"

Sarah had done a background check on Lily. She was confused how Lily, a poor student, became Haley's sister.

Linda sneered. How could she know Lily? Sarah was giving away the game too quickly.

However, Linda acted shocked, "How do you know my sister?"

Linda captured a trace of panic flash through her eyes. Sarah calmed herself down and said, "You just called her Lily. Remember?"

"I did? Oh, yeah, maybe I did, " Linda smiled, with squinty eyes. Panic-striken, Sarah worried that Haley saw through her.

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