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   Chapter 292 Amy Couldn't Get Away With It

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There was a botanical garden 10 kilometres from the Nalan mansion in SH City.

It was half an hour's drive to get there without traffic congestion.

When Lord Richard heard that Linda was going to go sketching, he arranged five body guards for her protection. Linda and Lily were amused since having a group of bodyguards around would definitely make a scene.

Linda wanted to keep a low profile, But she followed Lord Richard's advice just in case. After all, she was pregnant with child.

In March, all the flowers were still in their buds.

"It's boring! There's nothing to sketch about buds. We should wait at least until April. I just don't understand my teacher's purpose, " Linda glowered. "Not really. Your teacher may want you to explore something different. The flowers are preparing to bloom. Though in buds, they're still beautiful, " Linda refuted.

"Let's hope so."

Linda and Lily strolled along the lake. The water was limpid, and there were a lot of benches where visitors could rest. Linda felt tired after walking for about ten minutes.

She sighed at how easily fatigued she was during pregnancy. She was already exhausted without walking that far.

"Let's have a good rest on the bench, My Lady, " Nelson was thoughtful enough to have brought a cushion for Linda and Lily.

"Shall I sit here to sketch? I think it's a picturesque scene. We've got a lake, a wide expanse of sprawling trees, and quaint little bridge."

"Good idea!" Linda agreed.

Lily sat on the lawn, pulled out the sketchpad, and

"Help us! Please help My Lady! She can't swim and neither can I. Help us, please!"

When Nelson saw the drowning lady, he took off his coat and jumped into the river to pull her out.

As they made it to the bank, Nelson found the lady familiar. It was Sarah Shen.

"Things were not simple since Sarah was at present." he thought to himself. As a result, he ran back to report to Linda.

"My Lady, do you know who just fell into the lake?"


"Sarah Shen."

"Why's she here?" Linda turned her sight to the noisy crowd. Since it was in the distance, she could only see two blurred shadows.

"I don't know what they are brewing? But as Sarah was here, I think there must be something."

"Never mind. Let's see what she's capable of, " Linda said with a smirk.

Lily continued to draw. Sarah Shen spitted out mouthfuls of water after being saved. It was hard for her to pretend that she couldn't swim. Since Nelson was hesitant to save her, she drank more water to make it believable.

And it worked.

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