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   Chapter 291 Encounter

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Lily loved the company of other people, so she was quite happy when Linda offered to come with her.

Because of this, sketching was now something she looked forward to.

If Linda went with her, Nelson would surely tag along as a bodyguard. Lily had always wanted to spend more time with him.

Nelson felt the same way.

When Lily said that she would do sketches outside, Nelson almost blurted out that he wanted to accompany her, but he had to stay in the Nalan mansion and protect Linda.

Now that Linda was going, he had a reason to go with them. Protecting Lady Linda and spending time with Lily at the same time was the best of both worlds for him.

After dinner.

"I'd like to buy some painting materials. Can you go with me, Linda?" Lily asked.

Although they usually kept a low profile, the Nalan clan lived in the center of SH City, not in the suburbs.

"I thought you are an art student. Aren't you already supposed to have the materials and tools?" Linda teased. "What do you do in class then?"

With a wry smile, Lily replied, "Of course I have. But I left those in my former place. I would rather buy some new ones than go back to take them."

Linda understood that some light exercise was good for her pregnancy, so she agreed to Lily.

Nelson followed them as usual. The market was near their house, but it was still about a 20-minute walk. He would be at peach if he went with them.

Not to mention Lord Nalan declared that Linda was to be accompanied by a bodyguard wher


"Those things weren't for her. I did a background check of the woman with her. The woman was named Lily, a student of C University. The painting stuff must have belonged to her because she majors in computer science and minors in arts."

"Get to the point, Sarah. Does it have anything to do with us?"

"Sure. You wanted me to get close to Haley, right? This is the perfect chance. My source said that Lily was assigned to sketch plants by her art professor. Buying painting stuff means that they will surely go out to finish the homework. If Haley goes out with her, it would be an opportunity for me to meet her."

Everything became perfectly clear to Amy now.

"You mean that they will certainly do the sketches outside? Since the assignment is about plants, it is very possible that they will have to go to a nearby botanical garden, right?"


"And you'll 'accidentally' run into them there? "

"You are so clever, Amy."

"What's your plan?"

Sarah then whispered...

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