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   Chapter 290 Sketching in the Botanical Park

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It was Sunday afternoon when Nelson Li came.

"My lady, Amy Qi had already gone home with her parents. There was a girl who came with them, but I haven't found out who she is."

"A woman came with Amy's parents? What did she look like?" Linda sipped from her cup of tea and asked Nelson.

Nelson handed Linda a photo and said, "This is she."

When Linda saw the photo, she recognized her immediately, "It's Sarah Shen!"

Amy and Sarah were really good friends.

Linda knew why Sarah was in the hospital. It was because they sent a message to Amy's mother saying that Amy went to Sarah's home.

"This is Sarah, you know her," Linda smiled to Lily.

"Oh, she is that Sarah!" Lily took the photo and looked at it carefully.

Since it was a candid shot, it was a bit blurry.

In the photo, Sarah was talking to Amy so her mouth seemed awkward. This made Linda think about Nelson's camera skills.

"Yes, that is Sarah."

In the past, Linda had gossiped to Lily about Bonny Lu, Brain Ho, and Sarah Shen. Lily knew that Sarah was obsessed with Brain to the extent that she had lost her sense of shame. Therefore, Sarah had left a bad impression on Lily.

As for Brain Ho, he had a lot of photos on the internet.

Brain Ho was a famous military celebrity in SH city. He was the youngest rear admiral in history. Besides, he was so handsome that there were countless women who wanted to marry him and to be a lady of the Ho clan.

How easy was it to become a lady of the Ho clan?

If Brain Ho liked a woman, it was not enough. The Lord Ho was so strict that it was not easy to get his permission.

Brian was obedient to Lord Ho, and he didn't want to argue with his grandpa, which caused an embarrassment in the love triangle.

"Sarah is not very pretty, even with her mouth twisted. She is not good enough for Brain Ho," Lily smiled

now how boring our new professor is. We have to go out for sketching, starting this Saturday. He also said that everything is in recovery mode in March. We need to capture the scene of recovery. It's so boring."

"Aren't you majoring in computer science? Why do you need to sketch?" Linda was confused.

"I am majoring in computer science, but our school requires every student to take a minor course. When I was a child, I liked to paint, so I chose painting! Our teacher during the first semester was quite good. However, the new teacher who came in the second half of this year is so annoying."

"Don't worry. It's just a sketch, nothing much. By the way, I haven't seen you paint yet. Let's check the weather tomorrow. If it remains sunny, we can go to a botanical garden, since I haven't gone out in a long time," Linda smiled to Lily.

If someone could accompany her, Lily would feel better. So she nodded and checked the weather forecast for the next day on her mobile phone.

The next day was going to be sunny, and temperature would be warm and comfortable.

Therefore, Linda and Lily decided to go to the botanical garden the next day. Linda had not gone out in such a long time. It was a nice opportunity to stroll around.

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