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   Chapter 289 Be Close to Haley Nalan

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Sarah Shen had some strange feeling to this. Why Amy Qi wanted to turn on her computer? Since she already had an accident which was painful. But Sarah didn't ask anything and ultimately turned on Amy's computer.

Amy asked Sarah to log into her MSN address, and to look for a person named Peter.

Peter was a computer expert whom Amy used to occasionally hang out with, while she was studying in the UK.

"Ask him. Is it possible to send a message without directly using a cellphone?" Amy told Sarah to ask Peter.

Amy doubted that the message was sent by her cellphone. She clearly remembered that her cellphone was with her all the time. Even Haley Nalan had no way to get ahold of her cellphone.

The Nalan clan gave her phone back in the morning.

Amy checked time when the message was sent; it was before 11 o'clock that night. Haley couldn't have possibly sent a message through her phone.

At that time, Amy's cellphone was still with her. Besides, there was no signal back then, so she couldn't send any message.

Peter answered quickly, "There is only one way to send a message without using a cellphone - through a remote simulation program. It requires an advanced skill, and I can't do it."

Amy asked continuously, "Why can't you do that?"

She wanted to know the whole process clearly.

"I can't do that since it is almost impossible to completely simulate the same signal as that of a cellphone operator. It required extremely advanced technical skills. It's like invisibly robbing a bank, my dear, " Peter explained.

After hearing Peter's words, Amy kept silent.

After thanking Peter, she asked Sarah to turn her computer off.

"Amy, what if someone has rigged your cellphone in or

that. She wanted Sarah to get close to Haley for updates, and she also wanted to know what exactly was Haley's problem with her. Why was Haley so spiteful toward her? Why did she treat her so cruelly?

The best way to know was to use Sarah. Amy and Sarah grew up together. If Haley knew Amy before, she must had known Sarah. If Haley knew Sarah, it would show that they definitely had some sort of history.

"Of course, I will. However, I don't know Haley. How can I get close to her and get news for you?" Sarah asked.

Amy smiled, gestured for Sarah to move closer, and whispered in her ear, "The time will come. We don't have to rush now. If there are ways, I will tell you immediately. You must take the time to help me."

"Don't worry. Whom else will I help except you? You must rest well and recover soon. Then, you will be able to take revenge on those people who hurt you, " Sarah patted Amy's shoulder lightly and comforted her.

"Yes, I know, " Amy smiled.

'Haley Nalan, I will make you the second Linda Xia Should anyone offend me, he would be punished.'

Amy thought with chagrin.

She was still in pain, so she slept.

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