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   Chapter 288 Doubt

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"I will, Amy, don't worry. I also believe that you will marry Young Master Mu. There is a Chinese saying that true lovers end up together, " Sarah comforted Amy.

If Linda Xia was here and had heard this conversation, she would have laughed at Sarah.

What was Sarah saying? How could such a feeling be considered true love?

Obviously, Amy was obsessed with Young Master Mu, who didn't like her anymore and never showed any interest towards her.

It would be an insult to the quote that "true lovers would end up together".

"I, hehe..."

Even though the words were on her lips, Amy didn't know how to tell Sarah that she killed Linda Xia. She didn't know where to start the story.

'But then what does Haley have to do with Linda? How are they both related?'

When Amy thought about these problems, she became fretful.

"By the way, Amy, how did you get injured? When I heard that you fell down from a Nalan building, I was so worried about you. Did you went out for fun that night? And why did your mother call me and said that you sent her a text message, saying that you were out with me?"

Sarah asked.

"What do you mean? I texted my mother and said, I went out with you, and then my mother called you to confirm?"

Amy was confused.

"Yes. On the morning after the party, your mother called me to ask why you didn't come home. I was totally confused back then. Since I didn't know what must have happened for you to lie to her, I figured you went out alone. In order to cover for you, I told her that you were on your way home. I tried to call you after your mother called, but your cellphone was switched off, " Sarah explained everything to Amy.

"But I didn't send any message to my mother! There was no network signal in the restroom so how could I possibly send a message successfully?"

Amy took her cellphone out and checked the message log. She couldn't find the mess


Feeling pain in her body, Amy gnashed her teeth and said, "I checked my mother's cellphone and saw a message mentioning you. But I wasn't the one who sent it."

"That's strange. What exactly happened?" Sarah asked with furrowed brows.

Since her best friend was in an accident, Sarah was worried.

After thinking for a while, Amy looked at her cellphone and wondered whether her cellphone was working fine or not. How was it possible to send a message automatically? She was quite sure that she didn't send any message that night.

"Amy, are you sure about it? You were badly hurt back then. Could it be that you could not remember sending out the message? Maybe you had sent it, but you deleted it later, " Sarah asked.

Amy tried to recall the whole set of events that night. She was certain that her phone was out of signal. So, how could she send the message?

Even though she was in complete hysteria, she couldn't forget what she had done.

If this cellphone was given back to her by the Nalan Clan and this accident was planned by Lady Haley Nalan. Was there a possibility that it was Haley who had sent the message? Was her cellphone really broken? Or did someone rig it?

Upon contemplation, Amy said, "Sarah, please turn on my computer."

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