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   Chapter 287 I Won't Give up Charles

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Amy was shaking with anger after Linda left.

She felt like she was going to explode with rage.

Except Linda who was already dead, no one else had ever made her this furious.

Amy muttered to herself with a sneer, "Whoever offends me meets a miserable end, and that includes you, Haley Nalan!

Revenge was a dish best served cold.

I will make you pay for what you did to me after I have recovered..."

But Amy couldn't figure out why would Haley be this hostile to her. She had only met Haley once before.

"Is it because of Linda Xia?" Amy assumed.

She had investigated Linda's background and found out that Linda's mother was Sherry Nalan, a favoured daughter of Lord Nalan.

"Haley and Sherry, are they somehow related?" Amy thought to herself.

Linda was Lord Xia's long-lost granddaughter, and they were just recently reunited. Linda had definitely nothing to do with Nalan clan.

The door opened again when Amy was lost in thought. She felt annoyed to be disturbed again.

"Who the hell is it?" Amy muttered.

"Amy, are you okay?"

It was Amy's mother, Amanda, followed by Bob and Sarah. She rushed to Amy with worry.

"I am okay, Mother, " Amy shook her head with a smile to comfort Amanda.

Seeing her daughter lying across the bed, with bandages on her legs and arms, Amanda's eyes turned red at once.

"I heard from the Nalans that you fell down from the fifth floor. How did it happen? You should have been careful!"

nch with her that day because Brain had been too busy to accompany her those days. She was upset and wanted to pour out her feelings to her best friend.

That was when Amy told her she was going to attend a party in the Nalan mansion.

The Shen clan was a police family that didn't do business. They never had any cooperation with the Nalan clan, so Sarah wasn't invited.

"I encountered Bonny Lu at the party."

Hearing that name, Sarah's face turned sour.

"Bonny Lu was invited too? Why? She is just a servant. That's ridiculous!" Sarah rolled her eyes.

"She is not a mere servant. She's the Mu clan's servant! Charles didn't go, so she accompanied James and Violet to the party." Amy corrected her.

"So what? She will be a servant all her life!" Sarah sneered.

"Yes. Sarah, you need to keep Brain under control. Bonny Lu is just a servant. She doesn't deserve Brain at all! I can't be with Charles for the time being, but I won't give up!" said Amy.

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