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   Chapter 286 Reluctant to Take the Medicine

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Lily stood on the side. Seeing Amy reach for Linda, she unconsciously stretched out her hand to hold Amy back.

However, it was impossible that Linda would give Amy a chance to slap her.

Amy was weak, and only one of her hands could move. Her body also had no support. She had so much anger in her heart.

She was really furious!

Linda pinned Amy down with one hand, and used another hand to slap her on the face.

Caught by Linda, Amy couldn't move. She didn't know what to do at that moment but stared at Linda with a pair of viper-like eyes, as if she would swallow her up.

Amy felt a sense of burning pain on her face. It seemed that the slap had also hit the wounds on cheek.

"Haley Nalan, you will pay for what you did today, " Amy threatened.

Linda laughed out loud and said, "All right. I'll wait for you at the Nalan mansion. By the way, I have already informed your parents to pick you up. They will arrive soon. Don't forget to tell them how I have treated you so that you can think about how you're going to get back at me."

Amy closed her eyes and kept quiet.

She hadn't expected that she would suffer such a thing today.

Suddenly, Linda felt a little tired. Pregnancy did tire women out easily. She hadn't been out for a long time, but she was already sleepy.

Linda clapped her hands and left the ward with Lily.

After leaving the ward, Lily, who had been silent all this time, jumped for joy.

"Haha, did you see her? The expression on Amy's face just now was worse than eating shit."

"Of course I did. She would definitely want to take a revenge on me."

Lily was confused. She didn't know why Linda admitted that she had done this.

So she asked, "Why did you tell her that it was you who did it? Wasn't it better to let her guess? What if she talked to her parents about this matter, and the Qi clan found out? Isn't it going to be troublesome?"

"Because I wasn't the o

ates, so..."

Anna helplessly shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't want to drink it any more, " Linda shook her head, and covered herself with a blanket from head to toe, staying inside. She was reluctant to come out. Anna thought she seemed funny with her tantrum.

"Well, My Lady. There's nothing I can do about it. I've already improved the medicine. It won't be so bitter. Try it, please? "

"No! No!"

"Have a try. I promise I'm not lying. If I cheat you, I'll never serve it again, okay?"

Hearing this, Linda's head peaked out of the quilt. With skeptical eyes, she looked at Anna and said, "Really? It's not bitter?"

"I didn't mean that it's not bitter. It's just not as bad as it used to be."

Linda looked around and saw the bowl of medicine without honey on the side, which Anna usually served every time she drank the medicine.

"I'll drink it only if you bring me the preserves, " Holding the quilt, Linda uttered with a pout.

"I really can't do anything about you. Fine, I'll go and get it. You take the medicine first, "Anna said and walked out. Seeing this, Lily couldn't even stand her.

Linda hated taking medicine the most. Every time she was asked to drink medicine, a wise woman would suddenly turn into a little girl, which people found funny.

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