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   Chapter 284 None of Your Business

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Then, it suddenly dawned on Lily Jiang.

"Oh, I get it. You want to make Amy sign her property over to the Nalan clan."

"Right, that's exactly what I expect to happen. Isn't it exciting? I guess half of the Qi clan's property is worth a fortune since they have so much money to burn, " Linda said with her eyes squinted.

"Haha, you are so wicked, Linda. Roger that. I will keep tabs on her, " Lily laughed.

It was definitely something Amy would do, signing over half of her family's property for Linda's death.

Ten minutes later, Nelson Li came back.

"My lady, here is the property transfer certificate you wanted. Now all we need are Amy's signature and her thumb print."

"Well done, " Linda nodded.

Now what they needed to do was to wait until Amy signed the certificate.

Just as Linda expected she would, Amy finally texted Adam Huo with the hospital address although she was reluctant to give it.

Amy Qi's father spoiled her so much that he had already transferred half of the Qi clan's property to Amy's name, so she had control of so much money.

That's why she didn't have to worry about her father finding out that half of his wealth disappearing, at least not for a while.

Although Amy hated to give in to Adam Huo, she knew the consequences if Adam sent the audio clip to Charles Mu.

Losing money was not a big deal for her because she could earn them back in the future.

But if Charles had known what she had done, he would surely ruin the Qi clan's business and kill her.

"Hey Linda, Amy already texted Adam Huo."

Within five minutes, Lily Jiang intercepted Amy's text and got the address of the hospital.

Linda told Nelson Li to have someone bring the asset transfer certificate to the hospital before Adam Huo's men arrived.

"My lady, I have a suggestion for you, " Nelson Li said to Linda after he ordered one of his men to deliver the certificate.

"What is it, Nel?"

"Did you just tell Lily Jiang to i

wanted to persuade her to stay with them, but he was at a loss for words.

Lily Jiang was afraid that she would bother Linda if she continued to stay with her.

"What? Why do you have to leave so soon?" Linda was surprised when she heard the news.

She was so used to being with Lily these days. Linda would feel very lonely if Lily left.

"The Spring Festival is drawing near. It's a festival for family reunions. I don't think it's appropriate for me to stay here since I am not a child of the Nalan clan."

"But I hope you can stay here with me. I am pregnant so I feel lonely and bored at times. I would be happy if you could continue keeping me company. Besides, Linda Garden is separated from the Nalan mansion. No one will disturb us. We can live peacefully here, " Linda said sincerely, hoping she could convince Lily.

"Really? You want me to stay?"

"Of course! My grandfather has already adopted you as his granddaughter. You are a part of the Nalan clan now. There's no need to care about what others say about you. I don't know many people from the Nalan clan. I don't have much friends here."

"That's right! My lady will be very lonely if you leave. So please stay here for her."

Lily Jiang squinted at Nelson Li and said, "Mind your own business and just focus on your driving."

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